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Could you tell us about the services you offer to investors?

My Business Consulting DMCC (Mybusinessconsulting.ae)is well-known in the UAE market as a provider of hyper-personalised business set-up solutions and high-quality corporate services at a justifiable cost. We help investors of various levels, from start-ups, SMEs, multi-nationals and publicly-listed business to government-owned companies to establish their business in the UAE. Our services include advising on the most suitable free zone, company ownership structure, business activities, involved costs, and required documents. Furthermore, we handle the whole business licensing process from A to Z, assist with bank account opening, UAE residence visas, and provide cost-effective accounting and VAT packages, and overall PRO and admin services.

In which free zones do you assist to incorporate business?

We can assist our clients to establish a company in any UAE free zone, though we always recommend those free zones, which have a perfect reputation and are the most suitable for our clients as per their business activity and budget. Here are some of the most popular UAE free zones among our clients:

 DMCC, DWTC, Dubai South, DIC, JAFZA in Dubai

 SAIF-zone, RAKEZ and UAQFTZ in the northern emirates

How have free zones helped improve the UAE’s entrepreneurial landscape? Your views on this.

With benefits such as 100 per cent foreign ownership, no corporate taxes, except 5 per cent VAT, which is one of the lowest in the world, simple export and import policies, and no trade barriers, UAE free zones contribute greatly in attracting foreign investors to the UAE, improving the entrepreneurial landscape in the country.

How many companies have you helped so far since you started your operations in the UAE?

Till date, we have assisted more than 5,000 entrepreneurs to set up their business in the UAE.

- Keren Jadhav, CEO, My Business Consulting DMCC

Since the foundation of My Business Consulting DMCC in 2009, quality, not quantity has been the measure of our success. Till date, we have assisted more than 5,000 entrepreneurs to set up their business in the UAE.

What are your suggestions for entrepreneurs looking to start their business now?

Even the most difficult times always create opportunities for entrepreneurs who can embrace change. Now is the time when companies should have a closer look at e-commerce packages proposed by Dubai South and RAKEZ, IT and software solutions in DMCC, DIC, DWTC, and digital marketing related activities in Dubai South and DWTC. Apart from that the current situation may boost the interest of solo entrepreneurs to obtain freelancer licenses to work remotely.

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