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An increasing number of people are looking at immigration opportunities abroad for a better life Image Credit: Supplied

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the lives and livelihoods of families around the world. However, this has also given people the chance to reconsider their future – and for an increasing number this has meant looking at immigration opportunities abroad for a better life.

One major trend as result of the pandemic was a rise in individuals exploring either skills-based immigration or investment-linked residency and second citizenship across the world.

When and where

As the demand for immigration and second citizenship gains traction, Gulf News is organising its inaugural immigration and citizenship exhibition from November 18-20 at the Hotel Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road.

Gulf News Immigration and Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE) is a free-to-attend three day event, and brings together all stakeholders — including immigration consultants, industry experts, and spokespersons of leading nations offering citizenship, and residency by investments programmes — on one platform to help prospective immigrants make the right decisions for their future.

Gulf News is organsing its inaugural Immigration and Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE) from November 18-20

How to register?

All visitors can register for free on and gain access to experienced consultants for all your immigration needs

What to expect?

The exhibition will incorporate a series of insightful panel discussions, workshops and one-on-on sessions on immigration trends, effective ways to access residence- and/or citizenship-by-investment programmes, strength of premium passports, real estate investments for second passports, and study abroad opportunities.

Crucial time 

The exhibition comes at a timely moment, as Pej Mohyeddin, Managing Director & Senior Advisor at Bayat Legal Services, points out. “Attaining a residency or second citizenship — or even planning for migration — is more crucial than ever and we have encountered a significant increase in enquiries in the second stage of the pandemic. It is now a vital necessity.”

His company deals with all migration scenarios and focuses on finding programmes that best fit a client’s end goal for their family. The company also has a pro bono venture, assisting those interested in migrating to Canada.

Leading immigration firm CS Global Partners represents the countries of Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis. Both programmes have stood the test of time. Despite growing competition from other programmes, these countries have remained popular amongst global investors. The company is attending GNICE to highlight the benefits of these two nations for investors – and to highlight a current incentive.

“St Kitts and Nevis’ CBI programme currently has a limited time offer in place for families of up to four,” says Paul Singh, Director, CS Global Partners. “Under the temporary discount, which will operate until the end of next month, a family can obtain citizenship for the same price as a single applicant.”

At this premier exhibition, another leading industry name — RIF Trust — is planning to promote CBI in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, Vanuatu, and Montenegro, as well as RBI (Residence By Investment) in the UK, Portugal, and Malta.

The company’s CEO, Mimoun A. Assraoui, extended an attractive offer to the Gulf News exhibition visitors: “They will get 50 per cent off our professional fees if they sign-up before November 30.”

The exhibition will also showcase lucrative immigration opportunities for professionals with specific skills and experience. “The frontrunners in the race for the brightest and the best from around the world are Canada, the UK, Australia, and Germany,” says Clint Khan, Director at Y-Axis Middle East.

“With the introduction of the points-based immigration system, the UK is now as accessible to foreign workers from across the world as to people from within the EU. Germany also has a high demand for skilled labour. Canada and Australia remain the most favourite destinations for migration.”