Abu Dhabi

The UAE Armed Forces entered deals worth a combined Dh401 million on the final day of International Defence Exhibition (Idex) 2019 in Abu Dhabi. These raised the overall total signed during the five-day event to more than Dh20 billion, organisers of the event said.

“All deals signed were done after a careful study and will add value to the Armed Forces,” said General Mohammad Al Hassani, spokesperson of Idex.

During the event, 65 per cent of the deals signed were with the international firms. Lockheed Martin secured a Dh33 million technical maintenance contract from the UAE Armed Forces, while the Joint Stock Company of Russia signed one worth Dh129 million for purchase of ammunition for the UAE Army.

Among the local companies, International Golden Group secured Dh30 million contract, also related to the purchase of ammunition for the army. The Al Fahad Company signed a Dh16 million contract, and Knowledge Point secured one valued at Dh60 million.

The biggest deal during the five day event was signed by Raytheon to provide a platform for launching Patriot missiles. The value of the deal — announced on the second day — was for Dh5.7 billion.

According to Fahad Mohammad Al Mheiri, executive director of business development at EDIC (Emirates Defence Industries Co.), the company is looking to increase its product range and develop indigenous capabilities further as part of its future growth plans.

“We are continuing to develop — we revealed the Ajban 447A armoured vehicle with a seven-seat capacity during Idex. This is really something that we are proud of. Work was done locally by our own team.

“The other two vehicles — a mountain vehicle and an ammunition carrier — were done based on the requirements of the UAE land forces. We developed in-house without any external help. We are proud to have that capability, to be able to take requirements from the end-user and develop it to finalisation.”