Abu Dhabi: Adnoc Distribution, the retail arm of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) on Wednesday said it will set up 16 compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in 2007 to offer cheaper and clean fuel.

"We are planning, as a first phase, to establish 11 stations in Abu Dhabi and six in Sharjah, with five conversion stations operated by international companies in Abu Dhabi," Jamal Al Dharif, the company's general manager told reporters yesterday.

They will be the first natgas stations in the UAE, where all vehicles are powered by petrol. However, residents of Dubai will not benefit as Adnoc does not operate in Dubai.

Adnoc Distribution is launching an awareness campaign on the benefits of the clean fuel.

"Natural gas saves the consumer about 34 per cent, as the cost of a gallon does not exceed Dh4. It is also environment friendly, and safer than any other fuel," Al Dharif explained.

The Abu Dhabi government-owned company is negotiating with German company TUV to be the third party inspector, and is applying the specifications set by the Emirates Specifications and Standardisation Authority.

"Each filling station will have a capacity of 300 cars per day, and will cost about Dh4 million to set up. We are negotiating with transport companies, as well as private taxis owners, and we expect the fuel to become popular," Al Dharif concluded.

The cost of the first stage is about Dh65 million, and further stations are being planned to cater for more consumers as the need may rise.

Abu Dhabi produces about 4.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, of which 3.6 billion goes for local consumption, mostly to generate energy, and 720 million cubic feet per day are exported as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

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I have a question ... where will we fix these kits in the car?
Abu Dhabi,UAE

First of all, I appreciate the team members for the commissioning of natural gas stations in UAE. This is a future fuel. I think its good step.

Is CNG safe?
Abu Dhabi,UAE

Even though it's a kind of cheap fuel and environment friendly carrying a tank of natural gas on your back is similar to carrying a bomb and also increases engine maintenance which would affect our budget. It is used in many other countries worldwide but the traffic speed design is not similar. Instead of saving some 100 dirhams per month it is better to use gasoline and reduce the life risk and keep our cars smiling!

It is a really good initiative, I suggest that the conversion should be given to private sector enterprises. This will also support private sector participation initiatives by the government and will also make it easier to provide conversion facilities over a larger area.
Abu Dhabi,UAE

It is a very precious move towards being environmentally friendly.

It is a good development and good for all, but the question is where the CNG vehicles are? Where do we to fix CNG kits in the car?
Abu Dhabi,UAE