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The landscape of entrepreneurship is evolving at a rapid pace, presenting start-ups with a myriad of challenges on their path to success. Recognising the distinct hurdles that entrepreneurs and start-ups encounter, the SRTIP Accelerator is committed to assisting them in surmounting these challenges and realising their full potential. Located in Rolex Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, the SRTIP Accelerator provides a comprehensive array of services and cost-effective SRTIP Free Zone licensing packages starting from Dh5,500, making it possible for start-ups to commence their entrepreneurial endeavours with minimal upfront investment.

SRTIP Accelerator is focused on research, technology, and innovation, and provides start-ups with access to cutting-edge resources and expertise that can help them develop their products and services. With a diverse portfolio of over 1,500 business activities spanning technology, research, innovation, trading, consultancy, and services, the SRTIP Accelerator serves as a one-stop hub for services encompassing banking, VAT and accounting, trademark and patent registration, as well as legal assistance.

At SRTIP Accelerator, our mission is to foster an environment that empowers entrepreneurs and start-ups by granting them access to the vital resources necessary for advancing their businesses. Our primary focus is on nurturing a supportive and all-encompassing ecosystem, bolstered by our team of experts who are committed to assisting entrepreneurs and start-ups in achieving their objectives. Through our diverse range of services, start-ups can acquire the support needed for the refinement and growth of their products and services, enhancing their success within their respective fields.

A significant advantage of collaborating with SRTIP Accelerator is the opportunity to immerse in a dynamic and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Serving as a hub for start-ups, it offers cutting-edge infrastructure, top-tier research facilities, and access to a skilled workforce to support research and development endeavours across diverse fields such as healthcare, energy and sustainability.

SRTIP is a leading innovation hub in the Middle East, providing a conducive environment for research, development, and commercialisation of innovative ideas and solutions. Our extensive array of services, coupled with cost-effective SRTIP Free Zone licensing packages, paves the way for start-ups to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys with minimal initial investment.