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In an era where corporate responsibility and sustainability have become central to business practices, Dubai Investments, the leading diversified investment company listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

Dubai Investments has consistently shown its commitment to transparency, responsibility, and sustainable business practices. From notable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to advancements in water use efficiency, the group’s sustainability initiatives go beyond environmental metrics, and reiterate its efforts in fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, engaging with local communities, and contributing positively to economic growth.

Across various key pillars, the group has achieved notable milestones that underscore its dedication to environmental conservation, employee well-being, community engagement, and ethical governance.

Water efficiency and reduction in emissions

A standout achievement is Dubai Investments' focus on water use efficiency, with an impressive 55.3 per cent of water being recycled and reused. This underscores the company's commitment to reducing its water footprint. A noteworthy 32 per cent reduction in direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and a 16 per cent reduction in total GHG emissions intensity highlights the company's steadfast dedication to mitigating its environmental impact. This reduction aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and signifies Dubai Investments' commitment to adopting environmentally responsible practices in its operations.

Human safety and engagement

Dubai Investments places a significant emphasis on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) training, evident from the delivery of 61 per cent increase in total training hours and zero accidents on-site. This commitment to fostering a safe working environment aligns with the company's dedication to the well-being of its workforce. By prioritising local partnerships, a 19 per cent increase in total number of local suppliers, Dubai Investments not only strengthens the regional economic ecosystem but also demonstrates its dedication to sustainable business practices that contribute to the broader community's growth and prosperity.

Diversity and inclusion

Under the Strong Workforce pillar, the group’s increased focus on gender diversity, with 13 per cent female managers representing at the middle and senior management of the total workforce highlight Dubai Investments’ focus on gender diversity. The efforts towards the hiring and retention of female employees reflects the group’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.

Renewable energy solutions

By harnessing the power of solar and other sustainable energy solutions, Dubai Investments not only mitigates environmental impact but also takes significant strides towards achieving a low-carbon footprint. The commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the deployment of EV chargers, aligning with the global trend towards electric mobility. The adoption of a hybrid vehicle fleet underscores the company's dedication to sustainable practices in its operational logistics. And implementation of LED lighting across its facilities is another such initiative aimed at reducing carbon footprint.

Community initiatives and economic contribution

Beyond its business operations, Dubai Investments actively contributes to the community, engaging in over 40 initiatives at both local and regional levels. The company's commitment to supporting communities and amplifying positive economic impacts is evident in its efforts to nominate and train sustainability champions and implement initiatives aimed at conducting business responsibly.

Digitisation and innovation

Dubai Investments has harnessed the power of digitisation to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and minimise environmental impact. The group has implemented the adoption of technologies in different areas of management and production, addressing environmental, social and governance issues. Several digital innovations to further support environmental efficiencies at the subsidiary operation level have also been implemented.

The group’s comprehensive sustainability reports serve as a testament to its evolving journey towards environmental stewardship, social inclusivity, and governance excellence. Each report meticulously outlines the organisation's progress, achievements, and initiatives undertaken in various sustainability pillars, reflecting a dedication to continuous improvement.

Dubai Investments is not merely embracing sustainability as a trend but as a fundamental principle shaping the group’s future trajectory. Through a robust commitment to environmental, social, and governance considerations, Dubai Investments is not only future-proofing the business but also contributing to a sustainable and a resilient global community.