Digital Wallets
Digital wallets are an alternative way to carrying cash. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai’s Department of Finance (DOF), in collaboration with Smart Dubai and emaratech, has launched a digital wallet to facilitate payments for government service fees.

According to a statement, the new payment channel noqodi enables individual and corporate customers to pay “quickly, easily and securely” for different government and non-government fees under Dubai Pay, the digital platform for payments.

“DOF is keen to raise government customer happiness by providing more secure and easy-to-use payment options, such as noqodi e-wallet, through cooperation with Smart Dubai,” said Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Saleh, the department’s director general.

“We commend Smart Dubai’s efforts in developing the digital infrastructure and the provision of smart payment channels,” he added.

The new digital wallet, noqodi, is the latest option available to pay government fees through Dubai Pay, the Dubai Now smart application.

Customers can add credit to their noqodi account online from their bank accounts at a number of national banks.