Habib Al Mulla
On September 6, Dr Al Mulla had posted a Twitter thread in Arabic, commenting on the problem of ‘the thought and movement of homosexuality in the West’. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: The famous Emirati lawyer Dr Habib Al Mulla has received tremendous support from many gulf activists, elites and citizens following the decision taken by the international law firm Baker McKenzie to part ways with Al Mulla, whose law firm – Habib Al Mulla and Partners – was a member firm of Baker McKenzie International, with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In a series of tweets, the Emirati lawyer said: “I would like to thank everyone who has shown their support for me and my stance on homosexuality. Your support means a lot. I apologize if I inadvertently missed to reply to any of you,”.

“My personal opinions, which I shared, represent my beliefs and convictions that stem from my religion and core values. I’m very proud of it and will not apologize over my comments. Although we are a tolerant society and welcome individuals who think differently than we do, we reject any ideas or beliefs that are imposed on us or that go against our Islamic ideals.”

“Although we did break ways with Baker McKenzie, we will continue to operate as an independent firm and provide our clients with the same level of service they have come to expect. However, out of respect for the friendship, I will keep quiet and avoid commenting on Baker McKenzie. We will begin the separation and exit negotiations next week,” Dr Habib tweeted.

In a statement on Baker McKenzie’s website titled ‘Baker McKenzie Statement Regarding Our UAE Operation’, the firm said: “After recent discussions, Baker McKenzie and Dr Habib Al Mulla can confirm they will be parting ways. The separation process is underway, and we remain committed to supporting both clients and employees in the UAE and the wider region.

“Baker McKenzie strongly believes that however much we may disagree with the beliefs and personal views of others, we must find ways to disagree respectfully, encourage inclusive dialogue and to ensure an inclusive work environment for all. Any social media comments by Dr Habib represent his own views and not those of the firm.”

On September 6, Dr Al Mulla had posted a Twitter thread in Arabic, commenting on the problem of ‘the thought and movement of homosexuality in the West’.

Last week he tweeted about a video posted on TikTok featuring several young Emirati women talking about being in a “safe space” that allows them to be who they are, to mark Emirati Women’s Day. One of the participants said: “No matter what you look like or feel inside, you are not alone.” To which he had responded with tweets that said the statement made by the woman in the video “… is used to express the feelings of homosexuals….”

Al Mulla has previously lauded the statement issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Media Regulatory Office in the UAE regarding the violating content on the Netflix platform.

The statement indicated that it was noticed in the recent period that the Netflix platform broadcast some visual materials and content that violates the controls of media broadcasting in the UAE, and contradicts the societal values of the state.