Neha Thomas, Marketing Head of Creative Zone Image Credit: Supplied

GN Focus recently sat down with Neha Thomas, Marketing Head of Creative Zone, a business setup company that recently launched a unique loyalty programme for its clients, taking customer experience in business setup to a whole new level.

How is CZ Access different from other loyalty programmes?

The idea behind CZ Access was to give entrepreneurs a single window for all types of business support services. Earlier, we used to offer many of these services through our website, but our partner network grew extensively in the last couple of years, and these extended business services matured into a full-blown app offering four times the services we initially had. From getting exclusive discounts on tax and accounting to a great deal on pizza, chances are you will find it on CZ Access. So, I would say that the service range and the convenience of getting it is the true value proposition of CZ Access.

What type of partners do you have?

The app has solutions from corporate giants like Microsoft, DHL, Zoho, offering the most advanced business solutions to Dubai's entrepreneurial community. On the other hand, we have dining out, leisure, hotels, theme parks, fitness, delivery apps deals from brands such as, The View at the Palm, Rove hotels, The Palm Monorail, Grand Hyatt, McGettigan's, Fogo De Chao, Talabat, Motiongate amongst several others. We spent a long time assessing data and coming up with a partner list that our customers wanted for their business and in other lifestyle areas.

How much of a role did customer experience play in designing the app?

In our field of work, customer experience is everything. CZ Access evolved from a much smaller platform; we were encouraged to create an independent app because of our clients' faith and willingness to do business with us year after year. I believe this speaks volumes about the quality of customer experience we provide at Creative Zone. CZ Access is another meaningful way to thank them, reward them, and give them more engaging touchpoints with Creative Zone.

How did the platform develop under your leadership?

Making something greater out of our extended services was always our plan, and I was fortunate to lead the project. We already have over 500 subscribers in just a few weeks, and I plan to maintain the trajectory. I am trying to implement all the insights and data that I gauged from the simpler version of this platform and apply it to CZ Access to make it more useful and beneficial for both, our clients and partners. Most importantly, I have started to understand personalisation and promoting in a relevant way to groups of customers using segmentation.

What are your plans for the app? How are you keeping the programme fresh and relevant?

The team relies on insights and data to add more value and improve the user experience. We are focusing on evolving the program and will ensure that new features are added every year. We are working on introducing real-time ticketing, various types of cash off promotions, personalisation and a highly relevant partner program. We also want to open the platform for the wider entrepreneurial community eventually.