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As a new entrant of global high-end automobile brands, EXEED, "a new high-end" brand, has successively entered in multiple Middle East countries, obtaining more and more users' attention, and resulting in the increase of sales volume steadily. Thanks to the flourishing Middle East market, it has also become a crucial springboard for EXEED to expand its high-end image globally.

In Saudi Arabia, after being launched in this market in the first half of this year, EXEED first appeared in International Falconry Festival, the most influential high-end exhibition show in the Middle East, and won great attention of high-end customers during the show. In addition, EXEED also actively responded to Saudi Arabia's wildlife protection policies, and made significant contributions to the application of falcons for the World Heritage, thus highlighting its brand connotation of environmental protection and public welfare. Furthermore, EXEED has become the exclusive sponsor for National Auto Award, the most authoritative automobile industry award in Saudi Arabia, obtaining the opportunity to stand in the spotlight with Saudi royal family members together. Recently, EXEED also sponsored the Horse Beauty Contest in Saudi Arabia. By force of these distinctive high-end activities, EXEED is closely integrated with local market as well as local culture.

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In Kuwait, the launch event of EXEED also attracted the attention of the whole industry. It not only invited famous musicians from the Middle East to participate, but also demonstrated the brand spirit of EXEED more vividly by virtue of 18 EXEDERs composed of Olympic champions, holders of Guinness World Records, inventors, engineers from the space industry and other social elites, which also gave local users a more intuitive and clear understanding.

In Qatar, EXEED is making a unique appearance at the football feast held every four years. The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is not only the first time to be held in Qatar, but also in the Middle East. Therefore, in addition to being a national project of Qatar, it is also an important window for the Middle East to the world. Therefore, EXEED seized this opportunity to arouse the passion of global football fans by lighting up Torch Doha, the landmark of Qatar. In the meantime, it also conducted in-depth cooperation with numerous local sports media outlets to make EXEED appear on the screen of the World Cup frequently.

In the United Arab Emirates, EXEED carried out an innovative livestreaming link event with media for the first time, demonstrating EXEED's distinctive brand style and the core technology of the three product series of VX, TXL and LX by means of livestreaming link between senior executives and local media outlets. Moreover, the executives of EXEED also exchanged their opinions with local users on how to provide them with the best experience, and the excellent service concept of EXEED also won unanimous praise in the livestreaming link event.

Based on these colorful activities, EXEED actively integrates with the local culture and continues to manifest its brand connotation of "constant exploration and self transcendence". To this end, EXEED has won the recognition by local users since it entered Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Iraq in April this year.

Looking forward, under the guidance of the "Great Middle East Strategy", EXEED will make its debuts in the United Arab Emirates and many other countries in the Middle East, and strive to create a matrix luxury brand effect in the Middle East, so as to provide ultimate product experience and high-end service for users wherever they are in the Middle East, and offer more opportunities for users to feel the charm of EXEED.