Al Ansari Exchange uses UAE Ministry of Interior's digital verification face gateway service. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Al Ansari Exchange can now onboard new customers with just the facial recognition feature on its mobile app helping out with the digital KYC process. The eKYC is enhanced with the UAE Ministry of Interior digital verification face gateway service, thus ensuring intuitive, accurate and secure identity validation.

This is the first time a currency exchange company in the UAE has launched a complete eKYC service for customers, which eliminates the need for new customers to physically visit a branch to complete the process.

“We have always remained keen on delivering innovative solutions and premium services to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, security, and convenience,” said Mohammad Bitar, Deputy CEO of Al Ansari Exchange. “This new initiative uses technology to provide our customers with improved levels of security and comfort, draw new users to our extensive network of services, and further consolidate our leadership in the field of remittances and money exchange.”

The MoI Facial recognition project started in 2007 to ‘develop a trusted and secure way to verify people identity remotely’. In 2021, the digital verification face gateway service was launched and provides sophisticated secure AI-based solutions to verify identity remotely.