E-waste bin at Sharaf DG
An e-waste bin at Sharaf DG Image Credit: Sharaf DG

Each year, millions of electronics are consumed and go waste at the end of the year instead of being upcycled. Improper disposal adversely affects the environment and leads to a host of irreversible issues.

Recent developments in the retail space are geared towards a conscious shift to sustainable means. Sharaf DG invited customers to give back old electronics at their retail outlets and contribute to the surroundings in a pivotal way. The Biggest Buyback and the Largest E-waste Collection Drive were created as a means to encourage individuals to help reduce the carbon footprint.

The Buyback Program is a huge step in creating solutions for nature. Customers get to upgrade in return for old electronics and appliances. Following which, the initiative collected over 15,000 laptops, smartphones, televisions, and accessories, reducing the growing pressure on our landfills.

In this exciting journey, Microsoft collaborated with Sharaf DG for an exclusive CTRL + S in-store and digital campaign. It focused on encouraging device trade in to help leave a lower environmental impact at the end of product life. Sharaf DG plans to continue the partnership for future joint device buyback campaigns.

Ever wonder what to do with those worn-out, glitching gadgets? Sharaf DG’s e-waste program drove massive collections across the nation. Families could bring old and used accessories, smartphones, laptops, tablets and other hard goods to any of their 21 stores and say goodbye to their e-junk responsibly. To multiply the impact, Dubai Economy & Tourism, GEMS Group, Redington Group and Baker Huges significantly contributed to the cause, in partnership with Sharaf DG.

This heartwarming initiative was aligned with the UAE’s vision of fostering long term positive impact in line with the Year of Sustainability 2023 & 2024. Sharaf DG set out to collect 52 tons of e-waste towards 52 years of the UAE.

Recycling old technology greatly helps nurture our very own green cover by reducing the consumption of all that destroys it. Sharaf DG’s trusted partners Enviroserve and Yes Full Circle Solutions responsibly supported the e-waste endeavor by recycling the entire collection.

A whole hearted contribution from customers, brand partners, schools and universities turned this initiative into the Largest E-waste Collection Drive of its kind in the region, collecting a massive 100 tons of e-waste!

Added to the environmental impact, the program is a strong force directed towards livelihoods on the larger front. It incentivizes businesses, families and stakeholders, gearing them towards long term sustained efforts.

Creating solutions for nature has steered the team to drive several initiatives for sustainable growth. Sharaf DG went paperless and encourages customers to accept green bills over emails. Cloth and paper bags have been introduced at all stores to take home premium products in green covers. Added to that, stores have been upgraded with LED Lights, saving 20% on energy. A well rounded approach has helped serve the environment consistently.

Sharaf DG has truly sowed the seeds for a greener tomorrow and hopes to continue making a sustainable shift through future endeavors.