Muscat Duty Free
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Muscat Duty Free has announced 3 lucky winners of The Big Cash Ticket raffle draw number 70. According to a media release, the top prize of $100,000 was won by Abhijith (Ticket number 3177), while Jacob Kishen won $15,000 (Ticket number 4316) and Nowfal Madappattu won $10,000 (Ticket number 2157).

Top prize winner Abhijith is an accountant living in Oman since May 2023. He bought the ticket along with 5 of his friends. He said, “We contributed to buy 1 ticket for the first time, and we never imagined that we would win. This was the biggest shock and most exciting news we have received in a long time. We are so happy that we won $100,000!”

Jacob, the winner of $15,000, has been working in the Sultanate of Oman since 2002 and currently is a Sales manager at one of the logistics companies in Oman. “When I bought 2 tickets for the Big Cash Ticket, I prayed to win this amount which would change so many things in my life/. I was desperately in need of a huge amount to bring my family back to the Sultanate as it has been 4 years since they left,” he said.

Nowfal, the lucky winner of $10,000, has been working as a mechanic in Oman since 2009. He said “I had decided not to buy any tickets for a long time, but when I visited the airport, a colleague approached me and explained that there was a great chance to win, as there are 3 prizes now with Muscat Duty Free! I got excited and decided to buy tickets and try my luck! I never imagined that I would be one of the winners this time. Getting the news from the Muscat Duty Free team made me so happy and I am excited to try my luck again.”

Renat Rozpravka, the CEO of Muscat Duty-Free, warmly congratulated the winners and extended his best wishes to all the participants on the upcoming raffle number 71 which offers 3 great prizes.

The upcoming raffle offers three lucky winners a chance to win $100,000, $25,000 or $10,000. Customers can participate in Muscat Duty Free by purchasing tickets at Muscat International Airport, at the Departures or Arrivals terminals, or online at