NWG CEO and Co-Founder Adam Sadiq Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: New World Group (NWG), with assets of over USD 2.5 Billion is mapping out its expansion into the GCC and wider region by establishing a strategic hub to complement its offices in London and Kuala Lumpur.

NWG CEO and Co-Founder Adam Sadiq said: “The digital revolution and rapid growth in the Middle East and surrounding markets supports our plans to enter the region. By harnessing our deep networks of expertise, NWG can support clients in these markets to maximise investment and growth opportunities for the long-term.”

Sadiq added: “We assess a number of key macro factors including economic growth, public policy, governance, regulation and political stability. We then align our interests on a principal-to-principal level, whilst taking a forensic approach to assessing and underwriting investment opportunities. We are excited about the prospect of strengthening our presence in the Gulf and working with new partners throughout the region.”

New World Asset Management (NWAM) is an NWG platform which invests in emerging asset managers. NWAM launched its investment programme in late 2019 with an inaugural investment in The Valesco Group, a UK and European Real Estate Asset Manager which made headlines for its EUR 1.2 Billion acquisition of the Brussels Finance Tower, home to the Belgian Ministry of Finance.

NWG’s Mozaic platform undertakes investments in technology companies with bold visions such as algbra, a global digital bank for the unbanked and underserved – focusing on financial inclusion for a 1.3 Billion target market. The algbra business was recently backed by a group of leading investors including a British Government investment fund.

NWG has a strong presence across the UK & European markets, the Middle East, and Asia – where it sees significant potential for attractive risk-return profiles for yield hungry capital amid today’s low interest rate environment. NWG is using the partnership model to augment its capabilities across these markets. Last month, NWG’s merchant banking division NWCA announced a partnership with Berjaya Corporation Berhad (BCorp) to establish a presence in Malaysia with an office in Kuala Lumpur.