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Startups are the Hollywood of career paths, no matter the focus. But these past two years have seen a forced revolution in thought. The pandemic has taught us that quick adaptation and evolution are the make-it-or-break-it when it comes to an industry thriving. Hala is aiming to revolutionize the way people think about insurance, taking the past decade and these past two years, into full focus.

Below are five reasons how Hala is the people-obsessed Insurtech startup that everyone should learn from. Before moving on, we thought we’d let you know that we joined their exclusive waitlist to get special perks & offers. Ok, now for our list:

Customer does NOT ALWAYS come First

Hala doesn’t think the customer comes first, ironically. Culture does. Happiness starts at home, if the people are happy at their 2nd home, then, like energy, it will be seen in the work they do and the customers they face. In the end, the needs between colleague and manager are analogous to that of a customer and a brand.

People are power

A Hala co-founder once responded to an inquiry in the same hour, that inquiry came in at 4 a.m. A customer’s opinion of you can literally be a critical matter. Today, the digital pen is the modern sword.

Price & Peace of Mind

People look for experience, value & sincerity. The universal existential crisis we’re all going through has taught us to prize the sentimental things in life. You used your hard-earned money to purchase you phone, laptop, expensive furniture or jewelry, which shouldn’t cost you the same price to fix as it does to buy. Hala’s launching home insurance that’s empathetic towards that fact. So, if anything happens, your mind is at ease.

People want to know more in less time

We don’t know what we don’t know, and if you want to tell us something new, make it fast. Hala knows that we all want to save money and time, but we didn’t know that our prized possessions can be insured, or that home renters can get home insurance as well, at rates that end up saving our dime and time. If you check their social media or cool emailers, you’ll see that they share facts on home insurance, relevant to the region.

People want options

As a customer, you never want to know that the company is asking you to do something because it’s convenient for them but harder for you. Perhaps many of us want to talk to someone right away, maybe we want to do it fully online without talking to anyone. Customers of Hala have the option to go through the kind of process they wish to go through. Make sure to join their exclusive waitlist, follow them on social media and let people know that someone’s finally here to save you from ridiculous repair & replacement fees. If you love it (or paid a lot for it), make sure to insure it.