Dr Mohamad Abu Arabi, founder of Ageless Medical Center Image Credit: Supplied

“The name says it all," says Dr Mohamad Abu Arabi while describing the newly opened medical center in Jumeirah Dubai - Ageless. 

Known for his registered innovations in the field of dermatology and anti-aging, Dr. Arabi announced the grand opening of Ageless Medical Center, focusing on dermatology, plastic surgeries and cosmetic dentistry.

The concept is to provide alternatives of the known methods of anti-aging that uses only fillers and botox, and providing patients with the latest innovations that has the signature of Dr. Arabi.

“We’ve acquired the latest technologies, machines and products in order to provide our patents with the treatments and procedures that’ll be of their satisfaction when it comes to keeping a healthy young skin and body, as well as an understanding that age is just a number, with a healthy lifestyle, usage of the right products and procedures, topping that with years of experience by our doctors and team. All of these form the solid base on which we’ve built our newly opened Ageless Medical Center,” Dr Arabi said.

Choosing Dubai, and Jumeirah to open Ageless Medical Center at, was a non-negotiable choice as described by Dr Arabi who highlighted the great business environment the UAE and Dubai are offering to investors. From the ease of process to the protections of rights and luxurious and elite ambiance that reflects the greatness of this region, Dubai is now considered the capital of the future.

Jumeirah is considered one of the top locations in Dubai where beauty clinics, medical centres, fashion and luxury décor brands are located, giving clients a wide variety of choices to select from. Dr Arabi believes that choices in the medical sector should be based on quality and suitability of treatments rather than on discounted prices and hot deals. 

With new businesses opening in Dubai every day, investors are yet again proving that Dubai is indeed the safe haven, and the right choice when it comes to peace of mind, and luxury living.