Dr Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Banna with Atul Hegde, Founder YAAP, and team

YAAP, a new-age specialised content and influencer marketing company, today announced that Dr Ahmed Abdul Rahman AlBanna has joined its advisory board. The Former UAE Ambassador to India, Dr AlBanna will have hands-on involvement in YAAP’s key strategic initiatives aimed at growth and expansion in the GCC.

The addition of a seasoned diplomat of Dr AlBanna’s calibre to the advisory board reflects YAAP's ambitious growth vision. “We are elated to induct Dr Ahmed Abdul Rahman AlBanna to the advisory board of YAAP. This development coincides with a juncture marked by strategic expansion, sustainable scaling, key appointments, and continued product/service excellence at the company, in the context of the GCC. Dr AlBanna’s wisdom will go a long way in empowering us to realise our aspirations, as well as stay rooted in shared values and business ethos,” expresses Atul Hegde, Founder of YAAP.

Dr AlBanna is well-known for his contributions to the public sector, where he led key teams and departments in organisations and apex bodies such as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dubai Quality Group, and Dubai Rent Committee. Dr AlBanna subsequently became a member of multiple, reputable professional associations, including a stint as advisor for the Dubai Expo. His exemplary work in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly as the Ambassador and Plenipotentiary to India, continues to define his reputation in the region.

Dr AlBanna’s intersectional experience, owing to his ambassadorship and other diplomatic roles, also complements YAAP’s operational purview, which includes India and the GCC. In a career spanning over four decades, Dr AlBanna has left a lasting legacy on multiple organisations and initiatives by negotiating and striking landmark deals, helming successful strategies, and orchestrating pathbreaking agreements. His business acumen will benefit YAAP tremendously as it explores more investments in the region and expands its footprint beyond Dubai.

“YAAP is well-equipped technologically and strategically, capable of capitalising on the many emerging opportunities in the region. Its blueprint for growth and expansion in the Middle East is promising, characterised by value creation, technology adoption, customer-centricity, and an alignment with the governmental vision of all-around socioeconomic prosperity — factors that deeply resonate with me and my business philosophy,” comments Dr Ahmed Abdul Rahman AlBanna.

YAAP recently onboarded Nandita Saggu and Sadia Akhter as Partners and joined hands with leading US-based influencer marketing agency, Tagger Media. The high-profile additions and partnerships were preceded by the acquisition of Crayons Communications, a reputable advertising agency in the Middle East, and an impressive top-line growth of 97 per cent and a 5X jump in profitability for FY21-22. YAAP’s portfolio includes esteemed clients such as Coca-Cola, Visit Dubai, Lufthansa, RuPay, American Express, Disney, Amazon, and Square Enix.