The Dosh portal doubles up as a provider of crypto-related literacy skillsets and as a wallet. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Financial literacy now extends to dealing with the world of cryptos. Doshi is being billed as an ‘educational crypto wallet’ and designed specifically for teens and their guardians.

The platform has launched in the UAE, where young adults can keep safe custody their digital assets, learn about Blockchain technology, and access the Web3 ecosystem. “Crypto asset ownership for those under 18 is currently next to impossible,” the company said in a statement. “Doshi is on a mission to unlock the potential of the Blockchain for young adults, ensuring that they can participate in crypto safely and securely.”

It was founded by Daniel Rose (CEO) and Jaco Koenig (CTO). Where nearly every custodial wallet targets the technical, early-adopter crypto user, the Doshi founders ‘believe that the promise of Web3 won’t truly be unlocked until the average person can participate without pre-existing familiarity’.

Doshi users can also do learn-to-earn, and receive NFTs upon educational course completion.

It has also announced a collaboration with Polygon Studios, the leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, to bring the first crypto and NFT learning platform for teens to market. Polygon is the platform for large-scale Metaverse projects such as Decentraland and Sandbox.