Omooma provides Arab women with at-your-pace advice and access to a roster of experts. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Omooma, the Arabic language portal geared to maternity and motherhood focussed content, has pulled in $2.5 million in initial funding from E20 Investment LTD. The latter is a recently launched UAE based investment company and has committed to further lending to the portal to support future growth.

“Omooma's educational content equips young Arab women with the knowledge and critical information they need throughout their motherhood journey - from the comfort of their home,” said Romain Ollivier, co-founder and CEO of Omooma. “It helps women better deal with topics that they are embarrassed to discuss with family and friends and prefer to receive from a professional.”

The platform offers women a library of in-depth blogs and 250 high-quality video courses featuring scientific advice by 29 Arab medical, lifestyle, well-being and financial experts. Omooma aims to increase its experts to over 40 by the end of 2022.

The portal offers access to ‘at-your-pace learning’ on motherhood-related courses tagged to expert advice and info on a multitude of concerns and questions.

“Omooma isn't only relevant to pregnant women or young mothers,” said Pierre Gillet, co-founder. “It is also appealing to parents of teenagers who want to understand the changes to their children’s bodies. It will also feature parenting courses not just for babies but also for bigger kids, young adults and so on. We want to be the go-to platform when it comes to motherhood and parenting topics.”