1200x900_Rabih Fakhreddine - Founder & CEO 7 Management-
Rabih Fakhreddine, Founder and CEO 7 Management

The vibrant yellows and blues and exquisite menu at Lucia’s can now be enjoyed in Doha, with 7 Management’s Italian restaurant becoming its most recent venue to open in the region. As

its concepts boom, the 7 Management Group continues to expand its regional footprint with the launch of new venues across various locations, including UAE, Qatar, KSA, and Lebanon.

“In keeping up with the GCC region’s growth, and the emergence of its new markets, our venue openings provide customers with a diverse range of options to dine, be entertained, and have plenty of fun,” says 7 Management Founder and CEO Rabih Fakhreddine, adding that the Group has exciting plans for more projects in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the coming period.

The UAE is witnessing a rapid expansion of the Group’s brands. Limonata will find home in Dubai’s Vista Mare, with a grand opening taking place in Q4 2023. Also in Dubai, Kun will open in Marsa Al Arab in October 2023. Furthermore, a mega project will be launched in Q4 of this year. In Abu Dhabi, Lucia’s and February 30 will soon open their doors to the public. 7 Management will be launching a brand-new concept in the UAE’s capital, to be announced in the coming months. Meanwhile, Antika is to land soon in Manama, Bahrain.

The Group will be entering the Saudi market with Antika, Café Beirut, Lucia’s and more. The young Saudi market is swiftly opening up, to the extent that 7 Management has decided to set up a 7 Management KSA office.

“The Middle East offers an abundance of opportunities for those striving to compete in this market,” Fakhreddine states.

7 Management is eying the change that is taking place in the GCC. Economists predict a steady growth in the region. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts a 3.6 per cent GDP growth in the GCC in 2023, as opposed to the global slowdown of 2.7 per cent. The growth is further amplified by the resurgence of the non-oil sector in the region’s economies, as underpinned by the national visions of many countries. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman, among others, are diversifying their revenues away from oil and investing in tourism and entertainment. The UAE has already gone far with this plan, and Dubai is an obvious example of that.

“This change is paving the path for businesses in so many sectors, including the Food and Beverage and hospitality industries,” Fakhreddine says.

Beyond the GCC, 7 Management is planning on launching its concepts around the world in the near future, notably in Europe. With the intention of making the Café Beirut brand a landmark all over the world, the Group will be opening the Lebanese restaurant in the UK and the US. Athens will get its own Lucia’s branch.

7 Management’s growth is not only about location. The Group embraces change and keeps up with everything new in the digital era. We ensure we interact with our customers over all the relevant digital platforms and are focusing on a comprehensive digital transformation to enhance the customer's experience further and further to include; full online reservation, online customer support, digital menus, digital loyalty programmes, digital surveys and much more. The shows on offer are state of the art, and constantly upgraded with what’s new in the world of entertainment.

“My aim has always been to expand the audience of 7 Management’s brands. Our widely diversified portfolio, which includes restaurants, beach clubs, night clubs, and cafés, ensures each concept offers something attractive to everyone, be it regionally or globally,” Fakhreddine says.

While we venture around the world, we hope to encourage more Middle Eastern entrepreneurs to push boundaries, and become regional and global players,” 7 Management’s CEO says.