Masood Al Awar, CEO of Medallion Associates
Masood Al Awar, CEO of Medallion Associates, says there are opportunities for 'wholesale deals' at competitive prices. Image Credit: Medallion Associates

Dubai: Institutional investors and those by private equity funds will be key to reviving key sectors of the economy, particularly real estate, according to Medallion Associates, a consultancy.

“At the onset, it might seem difficult to see the underlying opportunities amidst the crisis as the implications of COVID-19’s global spread are felt by all sectors, and it had been quite visible for the real estate,” said Masood Al Awar, CEO.

“However, innovative thought leaders would always look into future potentials and enable business owners to see the value of creating new product offerings for new investors and take advantage of offering wholesale deals at competitive prices.”

Investors can take advantage of “opportunities to fill up the need” for cashflow, the decline in property prices, and increase their investment exposures, Medallion added.