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Gone are the days when you hit the gym and train for days and hours to lose weight; however, the recent trend reinforces a new idea for losing weight and maintaining optimum health.

Expert Trainers and nutritionists and healing coaches, and yoga practitioners are available at your doorstep

Moreover, even fitness expert Shihab C. Alavi, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, CEO, difit Lifestyle, says, “Due to current trends such as social distancing that is the new norm, more and more gym-goers opt for a lifestyle that fits into their routine rather than hitting the gym or commuting to the gym regularly.”

"And that is the reason we have top trainers and nutritionists, and theta healing coaches and yoga practitioners that are available at your doorstep, and all of them will offer you customized programs that befit your way of life so that you can keep off your weight and maintain an appropriate and balanced lifestyle forever.” 

Keeping off your weight is a long journey. It has so many factors into consideration such as:

• A fitness plan that suits your body

a) Initial assessment and analysis is essential before starting a fitness plan

"After you sign up for our program at difit, we have an initial assessment, wherein we provide you with the complete assessment of your body type and what type of workout will suit you based on your muscle mass and bone density,” says Alavi.

b) An intensive assessment of your posture as a good posture analysis is key

"In addition to that, we also assess your posture, as a good stance speaks volumes of an individual's physical persona, not only that many are unaware of the damages that occur due to a bad posture and the risks it poses to the health of our spine. And especially, our assessment helps in particularly identifying your condition through scientific methods by our team.

Once identified, our team will be dedicated to essential deviations that have occurred in your posture. So over time, your spine returns to its initial natural position, which is safe and healthy for your spine,” Shihab added.

A good diet plays a key role.

"More than fitness, your lifestyle and diet play a crucial role in your entire wellbeing. That is why we recommend exercises coupled with nutrition, and we have done an exhaustive study on getting the best nutritionists on board. "


Our program methodology is scientific and based on global standards (Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, USA) delivered through our team of 15+ yrs experienced Nutrition Consultants & Registered Dietitians. The in-depth process we follow for excellent results is below:

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A holistic approach - mental health and fitness go hand in hand.

Fitness cannot be obtained in a day as it requires meticulous planning and tweaking in your Lifestyle. That is why you need a comprehensive system that monitors your progress every passing day. This can be achieved from the convenience of your home if you have experts to guide you throughout.

“To be able to exercise regularly, one has to prepare their mind, and when your cognizance becomes strong, it’s easy to get into that routine; that is the reason we focus on a holistic approach as the more your exercise, the more alert and agile you become “ reiterated Shihab.

Please get in touch with Shihab C. Alavi, CEO,difit Lifestyle, for further queries and difit's best holistic fitness packages at competitive prices at 0561497149