Many workers said they were experiencing ‘excessive pressure’ in their jobs, according to the study. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Boosting your employability in the UAE may be just a click away, thanks to the partnership of a Dubai-based jobs portal and an online learning marketplace who have teamed up to help jobseekers master new skills.

According to the Middle East Skills Gap Survey released this year, the skills gap in the Middle East is prevailing. The problem is further amplified for senior-level positions, with 70 per cent of respondents claiming it is difficult to find senior-level candidates with the required skills.

Now subscribers to the job website Bayt.com can have access to online courses provided by the teaching platform Udemy, and learn the skills they need to get a job in a region that is characterised by an ever-widening skills gap.

Omar Tahboub, Vice President of Product, Bayt.com, said: “The job market in the Middle East is characterised by fierce competition for a limited supply of jobs. In the face of this competition, job seekers who seek to continually upgrade their skills and who pursue a path of lifelong learning stand to win the best job opportunities.”

Richard Qiu, Vice President of Business Development at Udemy, said: “Learning is no longer something confined to the classroom — there is a real demand for lifelong learning that allows people to up-skill to meet the changing needs of today’s workplace.”

Courses are available in English and Arabic, and range in topics from problem solving and communication to technical skills.