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Please share a brief profile of the Vision Catalyst Group while elaborating on its service portfolio.

Vision Catalyst Group is an international engineering, procurement and construction conglomerate founded by me and is headquartered in Dubai and operates across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe through a group of 14 companies. The Vision Catalyst Group (VCG) owns Fazah Prefab, Maze Projects, Atelier Construction and its subsidiaries.

My background in civil engineering helped me formulate the brand’s comprehensive service portfolio. As an unlimited EPC company, Vision Catalyst today offers vast experience in the fields of building construction, concrete restoration and electromechanical activities, with 15 years of experience in buildings, metro stations, industries, towers, infrastructures and high-end residential and commercial projects. VCG has launched its real estate development projects in the UAE and India through Maze, a company that is part of VCG and led by architect, Apurva Mitkar.

How challenging have the last 2 years been for the construction industry and how did your brand triumph against the odds?

Being one of the most diversified engineering groups allows us to offer more than 200 construction services, all under one roof. We build, we maintain, we sustain, we restore. Our menu has everything you expect in the construction and engineering industry and hence for the last two years we were preparing for Expo 2020 infrastructure with the Dubai government and many essential projects. By the grace of the almighty, we faced no challenges during these two years and have been working harder than ever to achieve Dubai’s goals.

The UAE is a dream destination for civil engineers. How mature is the sector in your view and where do you see industry trends heading in the coming decade?

Dubai is a dream come true and Vision Catalyst is a catalyst to help realise the vision of the Leadership of the Emirate. We follow the vision of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Everything is possible in our dictionary. We dare, we share, we care, we deliver, and the UAE gives us unlimited construction opportunities. Everything is well planned for the next 50 years and we will surely build bigger and better than ever.

What is the future for Vision Catalyst, what is the growth strategy for the brand?

The word unlimited and the term, why not, define Vision Catalyst’s ethos as a brand. Dubai’s future is the future of Vision Catalyst. We focus on our Leader’s words and statements with the feeling of delivering it as a belief. We will build and they will come, and we will make sure every plan of our Leader comes true.

Vision Catalyst’s future aims at providing highly professional engineering solutions and the growth will follow based on our efforts. Expansion into all countries and cities of operations by triple-fold year by year is our target. Our history encourages us to dream big and build with confidence.

As a proud, Made in the UAE brand, please share a personal message to the UAE Leadership, as the nation readies to celebrate its 50th year of founding this UAE National Day.

We are thankful to the UAE and Dubai Leaders for providing the best platform in the world to conduct business from. The UAE is not just a country, it is the world in a country.

We love passion, progress and productivity, and are thankful to the Vision Catalyst team as well for making the company among the most technically qualified Dubai brands. We continue to serve the nation with full commitment and honesty.

VCG is not only expanding in the field of business, as our prime goal is to serve society and the world through our humanitarian initiatives, fronted by our non-profit foundation, Vindhyachal Trust, which is operating for the welfare of society at the grassroot level.