Ayshwarya Chari and Shraddha Barot Amariei, Co-founders, Image Credit:

What is the USP for in a market that demands quality e-commerce offerings?

Setting up an e-commerce/ digital business can be a daunting process. 1115inc is a commerce advisory and we can support businesses in every phase of their set up and scale journey - from ideation and branding to financial/business planning and optimising their operational efficiency.

Of course, the base of every digital business is the technology and we are able to offer unbiased advise on the technology and project manage the build from start to finish.

Is e-commerce just a trend or is it here to stay, how do you see e-commerce shaping up over the next couple of years?

e-commerce is a rapidly growing industry showing double digit growth year-on-year and we are proud to see regional e-commerce brands receiving funding and takeover from some of the largest e-commerce players in the world. e-commerce is very much here to stay; with mainland and free zones offering specialised support and business set-up services to e-commerce business we foresee the industry getting stronger each year as well, with a growing millennial and Gen Z population who prefer buying online.

What are the challenges you faced while setting up the platform?

We can speak on behalf of our clients here. Setting up the platform is equivalent to setting up your storefront in retail. That platform will only be able to perform to its potential when all the operational bits from supply chain to the financial model and resource planning are in place.

We have often seen that businesses mould their operational processes to their technology while we are firm believers that your technology should work to your business requirements. Not every platform is right for every business and this critical choice should be made based on the business needs, SOPs and available resources.

How expansive is your service portfolio and what are your expansion plans in the next 2 years?

Our capabilities include everything from branding and financial modelling to optimisation of operational processes. Our key competency is of course the technology — we lend our expertise to business owners to find the right platform and partners such as last mile providers and payment gateways to keep the technology in sync with the business needs and growth.

Having launched in November ‘20 in a fortunate position of being at capacity since day 1, we have aggressive growth plans. 2022 will see us grow aggressively, more than doubling our 2021 numbers.

We will also expand geographically with a presence in both Qatar and Bahrain.