Farina Ahmad, CEO, Make My Firm Image Credit: Supplied

With more than 17 years of experience, Make My Firm offers you round-the-year possibilities for one-stop shop services that not only provide assistance for trade licence registration in Dubai, UAE but also include financial, accounting, tax and legal advisors. Regardless of the size of your company, Make My Firm works directly with investors and entrepreneurs.

As a mainland company formation and licensing company, Make My Firm also provides sponsorship and visa services, bank accounting assistance, commercial licences, virtual office addresses and rental offices, and VAT registration.

No matter what business type of licence you need, whether it is real estate, architecture firm set-up, mainland company formation, auditor licence, medical consultancy set-up, educational institute set-up, retail business set-up, professional consultancy company formation, tourism company set-up, branch office set-up of foreign company or law firm set-up, Make My Firm can assist you with everything.

Farina Ahmad, CEO of Make My Firm, is deeply committed to offering reliable business set-up services in Dubai.

With this in mind, MMF Group has developed a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities in the context of several functional and specialty segments, making it the recommended partner for a number of innovative and trailblazing initiatives undertaken by global business leaders.

So, if you are also a budding entrepreneur, no partner is better than Make My Firm.

As a booming destination for new entrepreneurs who dream of setting up new businesses, Make My Firm understands the Dubai market thoroughly and knows that it is an excellent option for entrepreneurs considering starting a business.

Make My Firm takes care of all the hassle of paperwork during business set-up, thus allowing you to focus on core business activities.

To learn more about Make My Firm, call 056 190 5995 or 052 673 9777

Or just email for mainland business set-up in Dubai.