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Having been in the business set-up industry in the UAE for almost 10 years now, the team at EZONE has seen first-hand how the UAE government has rolled out regulatory reforms and initiatives to attract foreign investors and boost global competitiveness as evidenced by the UAE’s year-on-year steady ascend in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking report.

In the past few years, the measures taken by the UAE government to amend legislation, streamline processes, digitise applications, and reduce cost and time, to further boost not only the new investments but also improve the operating conditions for existing businesses have been key to promoting the UAE as a world-class investment destination.

The federal initiatives such as allowing of 100 per cent foreign ownership across 13 sectors from manufacturing to trading to renewable energy and the introduction of visa initiatives for residency and options for dual licensing, among many reforms have led to an increased attraction of foreign investors, which has boosted job opportunities, promoted economic diversification away from the oil industry, encouraged further inflow of tourists, and been overall positive for the UAE economy.

With Expo 2020 opening its doors in the coming days, all eyes are on Dubai. The anticipated economic impact and opportunities Expo 2020 will bring about – not just on tourism but also on trade – are tremendous.

If you are looking to start or expand your business in the UAE, the opportunities are endless. Which is why it is key to have a trusted partner by your side to give you unbiased advice so you can make a well-informed business decision. The professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable team at EZONE can support you at every step of your business journey. Contact EZONE now.