Karl-Heinz Otto Mair, new CEO of Berkeley Services Group, and Ralf Zerenner, Former Managing Director Image Credit: Supplied

Berkeley Services Group (BSG), with a legacy spanning nearly four decades, has established itself as a trusted name in the facility management domain. Founded in Dubai in 1984, the group has consistently set the industry benchmark for building maintenance, cleaning, security, landscaping, laundry, and more recently, pest control.

In 2007, Klüh Multiservices, a global FM powerhouse, as part of its ambitious global expansion strategy entered the Middle East with Berkeley Services offices strategically positioned in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Under the leadership of German entrepreneur Josef Klüh, Chairman of the Advisory Board – Klüh Multiservices, Klüh Multiservices had successfully established a strong presence in various sectors, including aviation, healthcare, industrial, and commercial. Its global presence spans Poland, The Netherlands, Turkey, India and China.

With a proud history spanning 112 years in facilities management, Klüh Multiservices has consistently provided high-quality services to prestigious corporate clients worldwide. With a workforce of around 59,000 employees spread across the world, they have significantly enhanced their capacity to deliver top-notch services effectively and efficiently. This was further bolstered with an impressive revenue milestone of Euro 1 billion in 2022, further solidifying their position as a prominent player in the global facilities management industry.

Berkeley Services Group collaborates with Emirates Environment Group as an associate partner. EEG chairperson Habiba Al Marashi seen here with Berkeley staff Image Credit: Supplied

This strategic expansion into the Middle East and the subsequent integration of Berkeley Services into their operations demonstrate Klüh Multiservices’ dedication to exceptional growth, excellence, and meeting the diverse needs of their dynamic clientele.

One of Berkeley’s hallmark strengths lies in its ability to offer clients a comprehensive integrated management solution through a single point of contact. This approach allows clients to maintain their existing standards while benefiting from world-class expertise.

BSG thrives on a robust foundation of strategic operational excellence, IT systems, certifications, rigorous quality management measures, and extensive staff training. Their distinguished portfolio encompasses the maintenance of esteemed facilities and serving an impressive clientele.

Amidst these achievements, BSG stands as a pioneer in facility management and innovation for its cutting-edge Integrated Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system, which streamlines operations and enhances efficiency. Additionally, Berkeley has embraced state-of-the-art robot technology for cleaning, elevating standards in cleanliness and hygiene. The integration of advanced systems for facility maintenance ensures that Berkeley’s clients benefit from proactive and responsive services, ultimately preserving the pristine condition of their portfolios.

Notably, in July 2023, Berkeley Services witnessed a transition in leadership as the former Managing Director, Ralf Zerenner, who had been at the helm for 16 years, handed over the reins to his successor, Karl-Heinz Mair.

Berkeley continues to be a beacon of excellence and innovation in the facility services industry, with a history of success, a commitment to quality, and a forward-thinking approach that sets it apart from the rest.

Promoting sustainable practices

At Berkeley, sustainability has always been a core value, and this has taken a significant stride forward with its recent partnership alongside Emirates Environment Group (EEG) as their Associate Partner. This collaboration underscores Berkeley’s steadfast commitment to championing environmentally responsible practices across its organisation and facilities.

EEG is renowned for its pioneering work in environmental conservation and sustainable development since 1997, making it the perfect partner for Berkeley’s mission to foster greener, more eco-friendly spaces. Through this strategic partnership, Berkeley aims to implement cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly solutions that will lead to a reduction in carbon footprints and enhance resource efficiency throughout their facilities.

Additionally, they are looking forward to collaborating with EEG on educational initiatives geared towards raising awareness about environmental conservation among their employees and stakeholders.

Berkeley’s collaboration with EEG serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. This commitment extends beyond their facilities and reflects their broader corporate responsibility. Together with EEG, they are poised to embrace a future that is not only greener but also more sustainable and happier.■