Carl was nomintated among top five globally for the Crypto Influencer of the Year Award at the AIBC summit, held in Dubai this month Image Credit: Supplied

The founder of the Youtube Channel, The Moon, motivational speaker, and influencer, Carl Runefelt’s faith is in the law of attraction. He believes firm visions of your future can lead to possibilities of all your goals and dreams. The know-how of leveraging the internet to mint money and the ability to foresee the future of digital money have allowed him to climb up the success ladder.

Runefelt, who hails from Sweden dropped out of school early as he had a hard time focusing because of attention deficit disorder (ADD). He started working at a department store for a living, but within two years, he realised that he could never be successful or make his parents proud if he continued in that profession.

Runefelt began searching for approaches to get effective, he ran over a few speculations and meetings with fruitful individuals. What struck him more than anything else was the law of attraction. He says, “I began to picture myself as a rich, cheerful and effective individual.” He even pretended that he was successful even though he was still working at the grocery store. He always took the train to his job, but he imagined driving a Ferrari in his head. He also started to look for yachts for sale online, pretending that he was ready to purchase one. His life changed in just a couple of years more than he thought or most people would think could be possible. “There is no similarity between then and now,” he says.

Carl researched on cryptocurrency extensively, both on the webs and by poring through whatever literature was available at the time. He concluded that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot are designed to work as a medium of exchange, and educating people (mostly traders and investors) would be necessary and it became the purpose of his life. Being a millennial, Runefelt realised the power of the digital world early on.

“When what you do is fun and you can make money from it, you’re on the right track. I love making my videos, trading, and investing. I’ve attracted the path of least resistance to my big goals,” he adds.

In no time, he started a YouTube channel (The Moon: ) to disseminate adequate and correct information about the power and value of cryptocurrencies, making people understand its nuances and that it is competing against a broken system. His YouTube channel now has more than 450K subscribers, his Twitter handle more than 322K followers and 37.2K followers on Instagram.

Carl was nomintated among top five globally for the Crypto Influencer of the Year Award at the AIBC summit, held in Dubai this month. He is one of the top 30 influencers in the blockchain industry according to WeBitCoin author, Elen Genuncio. HackerNoon recognised Carl Martin as the fifth most influential person in the industry. Runefelt has also been featured by media outlets such as Forbes Magazine, CNBC, Tech Times, Coin Telegraph, Toshi Times, Tech Telegraph UK,, Crypto Potato, Bitcoin Insider, Daily Hunt, Benzinga, Hackernoon, and Business Insider.

The motivational speaker and influencer feels that his life started to change with the mindset switch. “It didn’t take even two years until I was already a millionaire and I quit my grocery store job in November 2018,” he says.

He believes becoming successful is not luck, it’s a decision. He said, “I thank myself every day now that I decided to become the person I am today because I wasn’t happy with who I was before. The strategy to become whoever you want is to believe in your mind that you are already that person. Act as if it's already your reality, and you’ll attract it.”

Carl is now settled in Dubai and loves this city. He says, “In Dubai, I meet interesting people and successful entrepreneurs regularly. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that share your ideals and goals. And hence, I love Dubai so much.

“I love the fact that all my friends here come from different countries. I think Dubai is a great example of how you can successfully blend cultures.”

The YouTuber guides people on investments and educates people against the corrupt banking system through social media. “People write to me or tell me how they make life-changing money by watching my videos about Bitcoin and crypto all the time. Many people say that they became millionaires by watching my videos and listening to my thoughts about Bitcoin and crypto,” he adds.

The entrepreneur wants to be remembered as a human being with an impressive career. He says wealth is not a motivating factor anymore and he wants to contribute to society.

“I’ve started by giving away more than $150,000 to charity, but this is just the beginning. I contributed $100,000 to help specially-abled children and $50,000 to build schools in Mexico,” he adds.

The law of attraction is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. It is believed by many to be a universal law by which like always attracts like, and the MEM Lifestyle Coaching founder advocates this posture resolutely.