Prof.-Chezy-Levy and Hagay-Amit
Prof.-Chezy-Levy and Hagay-Amit at the first session of Wednesday for the UAE-Israel Business Leaders Summit. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Finding medical breakthroughs and tourism opportunities will produce the fastest deals between the UAE and Israel, according to speakers at the virtual UAE-Israel Business Leaders Summit on Wednesday.

“We're going to focus on healthcare - and on tourism - and maybe these sectors are going to produce the fastest deal and faster agreements than any other sectors," said Eytan Avriel, Magazine Editor-in-Chief, TheMarker.

"Why? Because of the coronavirus crisis of course, which forces us to find quick health solutions, but also provides opportunity for tourism as many countries are still closed or require a quarantine to enter.”

The three-day Summit focused on healthcare and tourism after earlier hearing from speakers from two countries discuss investment, technology, start-ups and other sectors. It is co-hosted by Gulf News and TheMarker. (Register for the Summit on

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Speaking about COVID-19 vaccines, Prof. Chezy Levy, Director-General at Israel's Ministry of Health, said the efficiency of the vaccine is “a question that probably bothers all citizens of Israel and the the Emirates, once it  arrives in our countries.”

"We still don’t know how long the immunity lasts [from COVID-19 vaccines]; we still don't know all the answers. In 2021, it will take some time before we can open the economy and be protected from this disease.

"There are no borders for health and for medicine - and for sharing knowledge. I want to believe there is no political step that would interfere in this cooperation, which I want to advance as soon as possible for the sake of the two peoples."