190312 uae central bank
The bank’s assets in cash and bank balances were valued at Dh215.74 billion. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

The balance sheet of the Central Bank of the UAE rose to Dh495.54 billion in July, a year-on-year increase of 4.2 per cent or Dh19.93 billion, compared with Dh475.61 billion in July 2021.

According to the bank’s recent statistics issued on Monday, its month-on-month balance sheet rose by 0.84 per cent or Dh4.13 billion in July 2022, compared with Dh491.41 billion in June 2022.

The bank’s budget in July was distributed between assets in cash and bank balances valued at Dh215.74 billion, investments saved to maturity valued at Dh179.25 billion, deposits worth Dh65.7 billion, loans and advances totalling Dh2.15 billion, and other assets valued at Dh32.7 billion.

According to the balance sheet, liabilities and capital were distributed between current and deposit accounts valued at Dh211.82 billion, certificates of deposit and cash bills worth Dh144.84 billion, issued notes and coins worth Dh114.94 billion, capital and reserves valued at Dh17.87 billion, and liabilities totalling Dh6.07 billion.