Akasa Air
Akasa Air awaits traffic rights from government and approvals from relevant countries. Image Credit: Twitter@ians_india

New Delhi: Akasa Air, a budget-friendly airline, has secured authorisation to operate international flights, ET reported on Wednesday, citing a letter issued by a Ministry of Civil Aviation official.

According to the reports, the airline is poised to commence international routes in December, with initial destinations centered on Middle Eastern nations.

However, the airline awaits the allocation of traffic rights by the government and subsequent approval from the relevant countries. These traffic rights are typically granted bilaterally by governments to airlines of their respective nations.

"Akasa Air (M/S SNV Aviation Pvt ltd.) had sought approval for designation as a scheduled international carrier and subsequently requested to allocate traffic rights. The proposal was examined in consultation with DGCA. It has been decided, with the approval of competent authority, to allow Akasa Air (M/s SNV Aviation Pvt ltd.) to mount international operations subject to their continued compliance with the AIC 10 of 2022 dated 19.04.22," read the letter issued by S.P.R Tripathi, Under Secretary at the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

"Further, as per DGCA, Akasa Air can apply for international scheduled air transport services. However, it is also informed that based on the traffic rights to be allocated to Akasa Air( M/s SNV Aviation Pvt Ltd.) by this ministry, the scrutiny of country-specific preparedness will be carried out by DGCA as per CAR Section-3, Part-II before permitting Akasa Air (M/s SNV Aviation Pvt ltd.) to operate scheduled international operations," the letter added.

Akasa Air is yet to comment on the development.