Heathrow decided that the only way to tackle the summer rush and staff shortages was to set caps on the daily traffic the airport can handle. These limits are in place for two months. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Etihad Airways has rescheduled a London flight due to the new capacity limits at Heathrow Airport. The world's busiest airport has imposed a two-month cap on daily passenger traffic, as airlines and ground crews struggle to process a surge in travel demand.

"Etihad Airways has been forced to reschedule flight EY26 from London to Abu Dhabi on Thursday 14 July," said an Etihad spokesperson. The flight will now depart earlier than planned at 5.20pm instead of 8.45pm to avoid the peak congestion period at Terminal 4.

"Our teams are reaching out to notify passengers of the new departure time and assist connecting travelers who require alternative travel arrangements," said the airline. "We regret any inconvenience caused by this last-minute change, which was necessary to avoid cancelling the flight.

"Etihad Airways is working with airport authorities at London Heathrow to understand how capacity restrictions will be applied over the rest of the summer season in order to protect as many customer bookings as possible."

Emirates airline flights have not faced any issues so far. “Emirates’ services to London Heathrow Airport are operating as normal," said an airline spokesperson.

Last month, London's Gatwick airport - the city's second-biggest hub - said it would limit airlines to 825 flights a day in July and 850 a day in August, from a pre-pandemic peak of around 950 services to cope with the staffing crisis.