Dubai: Working as a cabin crew is one of the most coveted jobs today. Visiting tourist destinations, meeting new people and getting paid at the same time is something many young professionals dream about.

But landing a high-flying career is not an easy task. Every year, airlines are inundated with thousands of applications from fresh graduates to experienced professionals.

According to Emirates Airlines, one of the most established brands in the aviation industry, hundreds of thousands of job seekers submit their applications every year, making it challenging for candidates to really stand out and get noticed.

“Each year, we receive over 400,000 applications from all around the world, speaking to our attractiveness as a global employer,” Emirates Group said in its annual report for 2014-15, released only recently.

Out of the 400,000 job seekers last year, only less than five per cent got lucky. “The Emirates Group welcomed 8,600 new joiners in 2014-15,” the company said.

Abdulaziz Al Ali, executive vice president for human resources at Emirates Airline and Group said that job seekers are attracted to the Emirates brand, the company’s financial success, stability and growth.

“Skilled candidates know they can look forward to a truly international and multi-cultural working environment, as well as good career prospects with a stable and growing company,” he said earlier.

“Our brand, our financial success and stability, and our growth, makes Emirates Group an attractive employer in the global arena for the best talent, and that’s why each month we receive thousands of applications from candidates across the world looking to join our dynamic team.”

Emirates announced in February that it is hiring over 11,000 new staff this year, as the company continues to expand its fleet and market reach.

The airline has scheduled a number of cabin crew assessment days in many countries around the world, including India, Hungary, Croatia, Canada, Bulgaria, Argentina, Greece, Germany, France, Brazil, Belgium and Austria.