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Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: Emirates airline said its multi-risk travel insurance will no longer apply to tickets purchased on or after December 1, 2021.

Emirates, which was the first airline to offer free COVID-19 medical cover, expanded its multi-risk travel insurance coverage last year. This applied to all tickets purchased and also extended to Emirates codeshare flights operated by partner airlines, as long as the ticket number started with 176.

Highlights of the coverage included:

Out-of-country emergency medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation up to $500,000, valid for COVID-19 (contracted during the trip) and other medical emergencies while traveling abroad;

  • Trip cancellation up to $7,500 for non-refundable costs if the traveler or a relative (as defined in the policy) is unable to travel because they are diagnosed with COVID-19 before the scheduled trip departure date, or for other named reasons - similar to other comprehensive travel cover products;
  • Trip cancellation or curtailment up to $7,500 if the school year is extended due to COVID-19 beyond the departure date, and the traveler or a relative (as defined in the policy) is a full-time teacher, full-time employee, or a student at a primary or secondary school;
  • Trip curtailment up to $7,500 for non-refundable trip costs and additional costs to return to their country of residence if the traveler or a relative (as defined in the policy) falls critically ill, for instance, contracts COVID-19 while traveling abroad;
  • Travel abandonment up to $7,500 if the traveler fails a COVID-19-related test or medical screening at the airport and is required to abandon the trip; and
  • $150 per day per person, for up to 14 consecutive days if, while outside of their country of residence, the traveler tests positive for COVID-19, and if they are unexpectedly placed into a mandatory quarantine outside their country of residence by a governmental body.

Khartoum flights canceled

Emirates said its flights to and from Khartoum (EK 733/734) will stand cancelled from October 25 to November 8, 2021. Customers with final destination Khartoum will not be accepted until further notice from any point on the Emirates network, said the airline.

“Affected customers should contact their booking agents for rebooking options,” said Emirates.