Emirates clearn
Emirates has announced more repatriation flights in the coming days, including to Heathrow. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Emirates will fly limited services to eight destinations up to April 30. These will be for residents or visitors wanting to return.

The services are to Frankfurt (April 25, 27, 29), Jakarta (April 26), Johannesburg (April 25), Lagos (April 26), London Heathrow (April 23, 24, 26, 28, 30), Madrid (April 29), Manila (April 24, 28, 30), and Tunis (April 30). 

Those who wish to travel to Johannesburg, Lagos, and Tunis must contact the respective embassy or consulate in the UAE. For all other flights, passengers can book directly on emirates.com (select the "one-way" option when booking), or via their travel agent.

Only citizens of the destination countries, and those who meet the entry requirements of the destination will be allowed to board. Customers will be required to follow all health and safety measures required by UAE authorities and the country of destination.