190827 apple update
Image Credit: AFP

Cupertino, California: Apple will not be getting on the 5G smartphone bandwagon… for now.

The most notable omission from this year’s iPhone devices is the lack of 5G, the super-high speed network currently rolling out around the world. Every major Android smartphone maker has launched - or announced - a 5G phone this year, while Apple doesn’t appear to be ready to launch its 5G phone version until 2020.

However, the lack of 5G might not be the major problem for Apple’s sales that some think - but it won’t help either. Early adopters looking for 5G will certainly flock to competing Android devices.

However, 5G phones that are coming onto the market are all selling for a premium, usually above Dh4,000. So, it’s unclear in Apple would lose any market share because of the delay.

The 2020 line-up

Perhaps the biggest reason that Apple fans might defer the purchase of an iPhone in 2019 is what Apple has planed in 2020. Along with 5G, reports have already started to circulate that Apple is getting ready to launch a folding iPhone with an enhanced 3D camera and in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Anyone thinking about upgrading their old iPhones this year will likely think twice about what the company is ready to offer in 2020.