malls reopening
It's going to take time for the consumer rush to start again... but the economy had to reopen. The soonest it did so, the better. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Focus into a vision from the recent past - you are in a boardroom convincing your biggest client about the capabilities, precision and the unflinching resilience of your core team. And whose training empowers them with the tools to successfully handle every situation they could come across in handling a project of huge potential.

That moment, you were a visionary, a leader and a captain of the “solutions” ship, shining as an example that would lead to the successful execution. You had passion, courage and belief that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart to it.

You are that same person today, even in a lockdown or post lockdown. These four walls are not enough to kill your capabilities and solution-searching soul. You might feel a need to reboot and change the approach. But many colleagues are feeling inadequate as we are all being asked to “re-skill” and learn new technologies.

And many of us are ready to do any job to stay on and ultimately find our rightful place - and fortune - in this land of opportunities.

Yet, concerns multiply

I find many business leaders and staff members afraid to even step out into the open and breathe in the fresh air of entrepreneurship. The very spirit that pushed us on is now sitting in a corner with a mask of defeat. Let us pull ourselves up in the knowledge that the higher powers know the gameplan. If the rules are relaxed enough for all of us to gainfully go back to work, we should do so... with the needed precautions.

I was reminded of the disaster of the 9/11 and how businesses recovered. And one song comes to mind, which really caught on to the sentiments of the diaspora at that time. The song by Darryl Worley was called “Have You Forgotten?”.

Not a time to be forgetful

I would like to ask you - Have you forgotten your goals and vision? Have you forgotten the feeling of winning deals in this land of opportunity? Have you forgotten that you are in a land that gives you an open door without bureaucracy? Have you forgotten how we all multiplied our talents and resources by being a part of an amazing society that was encouraging us at every step?

Have you forgotten that we all came here with our dreams and aspirations and saw them converting to a reality better than the dreams we had?

Most of us are watching seasons of various shows - let us see ourselves in the final season. So that we know that we will make it through seasons 1, 2 and 3. We have always celebrated the inauguration of things and given farewell parties to people who have exited, but we have never celebrated staying power. Now it is that staying power which needs to be celebrated. Bigger the storm, better the story.

Let our stories of today inspire future generations on how we had the best staying power in a turbulent economic pandemic situation.

Let us pick up the pieces and forge with the determination inherent to our natures and show once again who we really are. We know that in interviews we still ask candidates – “Where do you see yourselves five years from now?”

Though all those realities are blasted to smitherines, there is a new reality out there waiting to become a norm. Our new questions to our candidates will be: “How soon can you learn a new skill?”. And if the answer to that is “Give a week...”, you are hired.

- Sandy Nathan is Director of BDB Advertising and Dot Ten Interior Solutions.