Virtual Working Programme
Dubai's new work visa initiative is a perfect fit for today's dispersed workplaces. And tech will be the binding factor that will make it work. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

In this age of the digital, the new normal in a post-COVID-19 world would mean there are certainly roles that can be done remotely. A growing percentage of professionals now operate at distances that are linked by technology.

We will find that physical location will be a thing of the past. Dubai's new residency rule is thus a huge boost for professionals at workplaces where they are leading teams remotely. This allows professionals to reside in Dubai as long as they meet minimum requirements but with an overseas job.

The flexibility will definitely help employers provide access to more talent, drive performance and results irrespective of whether the team is dispersed around the region. It will be yet another way to promote Dubai as a destination for professionals.

Globalisation and digital transformation are already changing the way we may approach work and its requirements. A leading tech company announced last week that they will let their employees keep working from home. Culture is now the top reason a candidate chooses one organization over another and culture is intimately tied to an organization’s brand value.

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Does location even matter anymore?

Virtual connectivity has been growing exponentially. It is triggering us to explore new ways of socializing, of playing, and even of showing appreciation. And it is triggering us to explore new ways of working too.

The pandemic is disrupting many talent processes. However, it doesn’t need to stop them. In fact, now is the opportune moment to review, re-evaluate and redesign how you go about delivering the talent your organisation needs.

In yet another pandemic enforced reality, organizations trying to set salaries for a geographically dispersed workforce are taking back pay from workers who elect to permanently work remotely.

With this new rule of live in Dubai and work abroad, the city will successfully adapt to help professionals be eligible to work even if their employer is outside the region. It’s yet another bold step by the government to enable talent to use Dubai as a business hub by deploying virtual reality.

It’s adapting today’s candidate priorities for tomorrow’s organisational success. When many of us think about talent, we are likely to picture offices and in-person meetings. But that doesn’t mean that a fully virtual version is not feasible. In some cases, it may even be preferable...

- Vijay Gandhi is Regional Director at Korn Ferry Digital.