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The International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group defines Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) as the technical reference following the general and industry-specific standards of Good International Industry Practice (GIIP). EHS is critical to business development. The ability of businesses to proactively identify and address potential hazards in the workplace or the environment can help prevent serious accidents and injuries from occurring. Following EHS best practices also contributes to the planet by encouraging environmental stewardship.

EcoOnline AS is one of the pacesetters in the EHS SaaS market in Europe. They are carrying the torch for developing innovative and efficient solutions for safer and more sustainable workplaces while ensuring compliance and environmental sustainability.

Rob Leech, the Principal Product Director at EcoOnline UK and Ireland explains: “We bring the best practice by offering one system that contains everything. [The] EcoOnline system has many different modules all integrated and providing 360° views with ‘future’ technologies. It will make the environment much safer.”

Riding with the trend of digitalisation, what EcoOnline is offering is an open and extensive cloud-based integrated platform that is easy to use and engaging for employees, and also efficient for organizations to build actionable and proactive EHS improvements. As  Leech elaborates that data can provide more advantages compared with traditional methods: “Digitisation has helped, it becomes more affordable and it’s easy to see this one element of safety and how would it improve.”

What’s more, data-driven approaches offer more accurate measures to establish baselines, find benchmarks, and set performance goals for businesses. “Making data-driven decisions will reduce risks for people and the environment," says Helene Broderson, Head of Brand, PR, and Comms at EcoOnline. “With EcoOnline's innovative platform, businesses can detect trends and take corrective actions that are important for sustainable decisions."

During its long journey of providing sustainable solutions for businesses, at the core aligned with EHS principles, EcoOnline focused on developing various long-established partnerships with over 6,700 clients and is proven its capabilities across over 80 industries.

One of these partnerships is with Olso University Hospital, the biggest hospital in Norway. It has been at the forefront of focusing on updating safety data sheets, contracting risk assessments, and making substitutions to reduce hazardous chemicals. Tore Havellen, Advisor Sustainability at Olso University Hospital praises the expertise of EcoOnline: “EcoOnline helps us to replace and secure the endless amount of chemical safety information with a digital solution.”

By doing so, employees from Olso University Hospital currently can get access to tremendous useful information with a single scanning of the QR code, supplying them with a safer working environment and better working efficiencies.

Furthermore, this customer-centric platform, which offers simple-to-use access for the employees, also wins the appreciation of one of the global construction companies, McAleer & Rushe. Declan McLogan, Director of SHEO McAleer & Rushe says, “EcoOnline provides us with information we need to take on different campaigns, go after certain areas that we feel there may be a threat. It is live, instantaneous, and it can address the issue quickly only with the use of our phones.”

For the greater future moving forward, EcoOnline will keep utilising the benefits of advanced technologies, such as AI and machine learning in achieving better outcomes, like CEO of EcoOnline, Göran Lindö suggests, “EHS has gone from nice to have to must have, you should bring modern soft dresses service tools to keep you safe and sustainable at work."