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Planning on hosting watch parties during the upcoming Fifa World Cup? Then, you'll need lots of delicious snacks to keep hungry spectators happy. Check out our list, below, of all the appliances that can help you create the perfect watch party ambience. Image Credit: Shutterstock

We’re going to be gripping our seats, from November 20 all the way to December 18, 2022. Fans around the world have begun preparations in earnest, as we approach yet another nail-biting Fifa World Cup. If you’re a true footy enthusiast, chances are you already have a watch party or two in the works. You’d even agree that nothing fuels the fever pitch quite like classic stadium-style appetisers on the table. This year, become the perfect party host, with the help of noon.

Here's to curating the ultimate spectator experience for friends and family, with platters of homemade pizza, nachos and buffalo wings, tweaked to your tastes. You’ll be surprised to learn all the cheesy, finger-licking goodness some appliances can prepare in minutes. 

"While popcorn and chips are some of the more popular snacks for watch parties, you'll most likely have fried food on your menu, too. Cheeseboards, chicken wings, and both fried and baked items are typically had when watching football matches. It's a combination of different finger foods," Rajat Asthana, head of sales at consumer electronics distributor Eros Group, told Gulf News.

It's during these special occasions that electronics stores see an uptick in their kitchen appliance sales. Asthana said: "During the football season, we usually see an increase in sales for air fryers, especially, because there's been a trend for healthy cooking. We also see smaller 120 to 200-litre refrigerators being bought as 'second refrigerators' to add to the existing unit's capacity. This, of course, includes standalone freezers, too."

He adds that investing in purpose-specific appliances for the games is not unusual. Most fans bring home ice and popcorn makers to meet high demands quickly and efficiently, so that no action is missed on their television screens.

Here’s a quick rundown of all that your kitchen might be missing, as you prepare for the upcoming football season – from popcorn makers to beverage chillers. We’ve picked the best appliances on noon, based on user reviews, and most of these are express items, so you can expect speedy delivery, too.

1. Best Air Fryer with Presets: Nutricook Air Fryer 2 

Nutricook Air Fryer 2 
Nutricook Air Fryer 2  Image Credit: noon

AED 299 | BUY ON | noon


  • Cook instantly, using 10 presets for burgers, fries and more
  • Serves four people
  • Shuts off automatically once done
  • Easy to clean


  • Basket latch might be loose, say reviewers 

Use the half-time intervals to whip up deliciously air-fried crisps, chicken, roast and a lot more. An air fryer not only cooks, bakes and grills without needing supervision, but it also prepares food that’s 85 per cent less fatty than deep-fried snacks. The Nutricook 3.6-litre Air Fryer 2 comes with ten ready-to-go presets, so it sets the timer and temperature for you. Steam vegetables, bake pizzas and cakes, fry french fries and cook burger patties by choosing the matching icon – it’s just that simple. The fryer’s square-shaped basket holds a lot more content than round drawers, making food for up to four people. A helpful shake reminder helps you ensure an even fry, too. Reviewers say it’s an elegant piece of equipment that saves time and hassle when it comes to both cooking and cleaning.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments, starting from Dh30, with select banks. 

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

2. Best Large Capacity Air Fryer: Philips Essential Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology 

Philips Essential Air Fryer
Philips Essential Air Fryer Image Credit: noon

AED 327.5 | BUY ON | noon


  • Visual guide for ideal temperature and time
  • Large capacity
  • Reheats food
  • NutriU app offers a wide variety of recipes


  • Manual operation, without presets

Experience the best of air-fried cooking from a brand that’s been perfecting the technology for over a decade. Philips makes sure there’s a wealth of recipes available to you via its user-friendly NutriU app, so all you’re missing is its 4.1-litre Essential Air Fryer. Besides frying, baking, grilling and roasting, you even have the option to reheat leftovers in this unit. Though there’s no digital display, you can control the time and temperature by tweaking two knobs on the front. An easy guide is drawn on top of the unit with food icons, cooking times and temperatures for fish, chicken, baking and more, to help you get the fryer going with just a glance. While the Nutricook option allows for an automatic operation, the Philips model offers larger capacity and a recipe reserve. Reviewers report having fried fish, fries, chicken and potatoes, and baked cakes with delicious outcomes.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments, starting from Dh25, with select banks. 

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

3. Best for Hot-Air Popcorn: Sonashi Popcorn Maker, Red

Sonashi Popcorn Maker
Sonashi Popcorn Maker Image Credit: noon

AED 59 | BUY ON | noon


  • Pops kernels using hot air and no fat
  • Easy to use
  • Prepares 60g of popcorn
  • Season as you like, once done


  • Reviews say hot-air popcorn can taste bland, pre-seasoning

Warm, buttered popcorn fresh off the heat is an irresistible addition to the football platter. If you feel the munchies coming on mid-game, add some kernels to your very own popcorn maker by Sonashi. This 60g-capacity instant machine uses nothing but hot air to pop the kernels, preparing movie theatre-like popcorn at home. Once done, it’s up to you to season the snack with butter, salt or caramel. Reviewers appreciate the no-fat cooking method and the machine’s straightforward controls. 

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

4. Best Chiller: Nobel Bottle Chiller with Metal Shelf and Glass Door

Nobel Bottle Chiller
Nobel Bottle Chiller Image Credit: noon

AED 759 | BUY ON | noon


  • Fits 20 sodas, juices and water bottles
  • Temperature controlled
  • Glass door can be locked
  • LED fridge lighting


  • Wired shelves may not be very sturdy 

If you’d rather invest in a mini chiller for your beverages, as opposed to a refrigerator, then check out Nobel’s 132-litre bottle chiller. Compact, energy-saving and quiet, this chiller can hold 20 bottles and cans on three adjustable wire shelves. An internal LED lighting gives you a clear view of your soda, juices and water bottles through the transparent glass door. The freestanding unit has a temperature control knob, so drinks are never too cold right out of the chiller – pick the cooling that’s best for you.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments, starting from Dh65, with select banks.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

5. Best Refrigerator for Temperature Control: Hitachi Inverter Refrigerator

Hitachi Inverter Refrigerator
Hitachi Inverter Refrigerator Image Credit: noon

AED 1459 | BUY ON | noon


  • Powerful inverter compressor
  • Large ice box with twist tray
  • Versatile vegetable and meat drawer to maximise space


  • Capacity is best suited for a small family

Find the perfect home for all your chilled drinks, dipping sauces and raw ingredients, in the 230-litre Hitachi refrigerator. In the event of a power cut, you can expect your frozen goods to keep fresh for about 12 hours. This is all thanks to its inverter compressor, powerful enough to cool stably, even if ambient temperatures reach 60°C. Each compartment, the freezer and the fridge, dutifully maintains its ideal temperature with the help of dual eco thermos sensors. Inside the refrigerator, a versatile fresh select drawer makes sure whatever you store, whether vegetables or dairy and meat products, is in a temperature-controlled environment – simply move the lever to let the fridge know of the contents. For all the refreshing beverages to be had, a functioning ice tray is something no football fan would want to compromise on. This Hitachi appliance carries a sizable ice box in the freezer, with an easy twist dispenser. 

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments, starting from Dh128, with select banks.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

6. Best Mid-Range Refrigerator: Nikai Double Door Frost-Free Refrigerator

Nikai Double Door Refrigerator
Nikai Double Door Refrigerator Image Credit: noon

AED 1249 | BUY ON | noon


  • Deep bottle racks
  • Two ice trays and ice server
  • Chiller tray in fridge does away with thawing for frozen items
  • Quick freeze option
  • Frost-free freezer


  • Compressor has to restart after daily defrosting

If 230 litres might not be enough storage capacity for you, have a look at Nikai’s model. With a net capacity of 275 litres, the unit offers variety through a special chiller chamber in the fridge compartment, a vegetable crisper, deep 2.5-litre bottle racks, two ice trays and an ice server. The refrigerator cuts a tempting deal at a pocket-friendly price. There’s less control over temperature here, but a knob inside does let you ‘quick freeze’ fresh items instantly. Speaking of freezing, the chiller tray in the fridge stores food close to 0°C, keeping products like paneer, cold cuts and fish soft, and ready to be cooked. There’s no time wasted in thawing them out.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments, starting from Dh103, with select banks. Free installation is available on this order.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, and a ten-year compressor warranty.

7. Best Value Refrigerator: Nikai Mini Single-Door Refrigerator

Nikai Mini Single-Door Refrigerator
Nikai Mini Single-Door Refrigerator Image Credit: noon

AED 497 | BUY ON | noon


  • Stores vegetables, meat and drinks
  • Has a chiller at the top
  • Keeps food fresh for up to 135 hours, without power
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • Small freezer

For a seasonal chiller with more storage options, consider a mini refrigerator. You could reserve it for annual watch parties and events at home to avoid crowding your main unit. Nikai’s 130-litre mini refrigerator fits a surprising number of items, with compartments for vegetables, fruits, drinks, meat and other perishables. It can keep food fresh for 135 hours without power! Despite its compact size, the appliance still features a separate freezer section at the top and a deep vegetable drawer at the bottom. Buyers attest to its cooling ability, with some highlighting the small freezer capacity as a heads-up.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments, starting from Dh38, with select banks. Free installation is available on this order.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. 

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