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Car accessories with practical applications can help you organise your car interiors and focus on the road better. Image Credit: Unsplash/Samuele Errico Piccarini

Driving is fun but not so much when you are stuck in peak traffic. At a time when you need to bust distractions and focus harder on the road, it's worth ensuring that all your essentials are  at arm's length from the driver’s seat and neatly organised. Whether it's keeping interiors tidy, charging your devices on the go or drinking your coffee without spilling – here is a list of practical cars accessories you didn't know you needed, to make driving a pleasant experience. We picked these bestselling items based on user reviews and ratings. Get your gadgets delivered within one day via Amazon Prime.

1. Best Car Locator: Apple AirTag (1-Pack)

Do you always forget where you've parked your car? Solve this problem in a jiff, by slipping an Apple AirTag into your glovebox. These reliable, accurate trackers are worth every Dirham, since they guide you to your car even as you move, and can track from anywhere. The closer the car is to other iOS-based devices, the more accurate it gets. While AirTags only work with iPhones' or iPads' operating systems, get a Tile Pro if you'd like to track with an Android device.

2. Best Gap Filler: Drop Stop (Set of 2)

How often does your phone, keys, wallet or even spare change slip into the gaps of your car seats? If you’re driving, you’re likely trying hard to keep your eyes on the road while your hands make all kinds of flexible, break-dance moves to retrieve the items from the bottom of the seat. Spare yourself the hassle and get these car seat gap fillers. Place them in front of, surrounding and behind the seatbelt catch. Be a more focused driver in heavy traffic and never look under the seat for your stuff again.

3. Best Cup Holder: Moshbu Car Cup Holder

Take a peek inside your car's cup holder area - do you have change, chewing gum, tissues or something random in there? Many of us use built-in cup holders as catch-all storage areas, but the problem with this is that it leaves us with no space for our to-go coffee cups. One innovative way to solve this problem is to get a dual cup holder for your car. Moshbu's option divides a single cup holder into two, effectively doubling the space you can use for coffee, tea, water or extra storage.

4. Best Car Trash Can: Meister Car Trash Bin (with 20 Free Disposable Bags)

Don’t wait to pull over and dispose garbage from the car to the bin. Keep your car spick and span by disposing litter in the Meistar car trash can. Made with a TPR base mat that keeps the can upright and attached to the floor, you can virtually move it anywhere you like in your car, ensuring all passengers have access. It's easy to clean, and just the right size.

5. Best Car Charger: UGREEN 69W Fast Car Charger

Charge any three devices to full power with this UGREEN car charger, that comes with 60W maximum output. The car charger features two USB-C power delivery ports and one USB 4.0 port. In fact, the USB C2 port is specially designed for laptops - it can fully charge a MacBook Air within 93 minutes. Plug your devices to this charging port and never run out of juice when you’re on the road. Reviewers say they appreciate that they can charge multiple devices at the same time, without the charger getting overheated.

6. Best Wireless Car Charger: AccLoo Wireless Car Charger 

If you prefer a wireless car charger, AccLoo’s charging mount is a safe bet since it supports Qi-enabled devices, which includes both Android mobiles like Samsung S7 and up, and iPhone 8 and up. It also comes with the charging adapter for the car and a USB-C cable, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. With dual mount options, you can either clip the gadget to the AC vent or fix the mount to the dashboard using the bonus suction cup. See other wireless charging mounts.

7. Best Mini Fridge: COOLBABY 6-Litre Dual Use Cooler Warmer

If you travel long distances daily, it may be worth investing in a car cooler and warmer to store all your food and drinks. This personal fridge/warmer has a spacious six-litre capacity, and can fit up to seven soda cans. Use it to store baby food or bottles, medicine, snacks and drinks while you're on the road. 

8. Best Headrest Hooks: High Road Contour Car Hooks Metal Headrest Hangers (2 Pack), Black

Does a sudden brake cause all your stuff in the backseat to tumble over each other? Get this two-pack headrest hook set to keep your handbag, grocery bags, umbrellas and even clothes in an organised manner. Prevent backseat clutter and make more leg room at the back. The headrest hooks are made with patented heavy-duty metal, so they hold heavy loads without snagging or breaking.

9. Best Car Storage Box: Conral Collapsible Car Trunk Organiser and Storage Box 

Stop items from rolling around in your car trunk and clanging together at traffic lights, with this Conral organiser. Made of high-quality polyurethane leather, the box has sturdy handles so you can easily position it where you like. And if you need more space in your car trunk, the box easily collapses for easy storage. Use it to store toys, sports equipment, emergency tools and more.

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