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Thick fog blankets parts of Dubai

Motorists urged to be cautious as many drive with hazard lights on

Dubai: Thick fog enveloped most parts of Dubai and some areas in the UAE on Friday morning. 

Motorists were seen driving with fog lights or hazard lights on.

"The eye-catching designs adoring tower tops on Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai played hide-and-seek to passing motorists with fog offering a perfect cover.

"Since I wasn't driving, I enjoyed the view. It was brilliant, the light playing its myriad shades through the fog. The view was beautiful. The tall towers were completely blanketed by the fog," said a motorist who travelled from Sharjah to Dubai.

"If you can ignore the fear of speeding motorists ramming into you, it was an enjoyable ride. Thankfully, it was a Friday and there was less traffic," said the motorist.

"I saw motorists driving with hazard lights on, if I could, I would have told them not to do that,"  said a female motorists who travelled from  Al Ghusais to Al Safa Park area in Dubai around 9am on Friday.

According to the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) in Abu Dhabi, the foggy weather will stay for a while giving way to partly cloudy day.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority's road sign boards warned motorists of thick fog and urged them to drive carefully.

Fog patches are expected to be scattered on Friday morning, said a weather bulletin of NCMS.

A change, however, has occurred in temperatures across the country.  The maximum daytime temperature is likely to hover around 28 degrees Celsius, falling to 6 degrees Celsius in the inland areas. Nights in the coastal areas will be slightly warmer with a minimum temperature of 12 degrees Celsius.

Weather conditions will be fair in general across the emirates, but it could become partly cloudy over some areas at times in the next 48 hours. The NCMS said humidity will increase at night and early in the morning in the coastal and inland areas that can create fog. The sea will be slightly to moderately rough.