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More rain and thunderstorms expected in UAE

Gusty winds, rain, and thunderstorms are expected over much of the western and eastern coastal areas as unstable weather continues

Floodwater partially submerges a car in Fujairah
Image Credit: Courtesy: Rashid Ahmad
Floodwater partially submerges a car in Fujairah after it rained on Tuesday night.
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Al Ain: Gusty winds, rain, and thunderstorms are expected over much of the western and eastern coastal areas as unstable weather continues on Wednesday, a day after thunderstorms and rain hit parts of the country, heralding the start of the winter season.

Temperatures on Wednesday will be around 30 degrees Celcius in the coastal areas, dropping down to 14 degrees Celcius in the internal areas at night.

It will be cold in the mountainous areas where the temperature is likely to drop down to 11 degrees Celcius. Seas will be rough at times. Winds can also blow sand and dust in the open areas.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has issued a warning of strong winds heavy clouds while fishermen have been warned off the seas.

The weather lull, which has seen warm temperatures persist in recent weeks, has been broken as cold and moderately rough winds sweep inland, pushing the mercury down.

Wet weather has struck especially in northern areas since Monday, with forecasters now predicting a minimum temperature of 14 degrees Celsius at night.

Conditions are rough out at sea and fishermen have been asked to stay on shore for at least two days.

Winds, thunderstorm, and rain have been making the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman pretty rough and could be dangerous for small vessels, said the forecasters.

NCMS on Tuesday issued a warning saying strong winds and towering clouds, with a possibility of thunderstorms, could affect visibility in the northern and eastern areas.

A spokesman said: “The weather has become unstable due to a surface low pressure, accompanied by a relatively cold upper air mass, extending from over the Red Sea.

“It will result in a gradual increase in clouds over the western Islands and the north and eastern regions of the country. Winds can also kick up dust and sand in the open areas.”

Similar conditions are expected for the next two days.

There is also a chance of thundershowers in coastal areas, said the forecasters.

Residents in Dibba, Fujairah and the neighbouring areas reported thundershowers on Monday night and Tuesday. Rain was moderate to heavy in some areas, and caused problems for motorists.

Residents told how the change in weather, marking the onset of winter, has come late this year.

“It would normally have been a few degrees cooler by now,” said Mohammad Saleh, an Emirati in Al Ain, adding that the conditions appeared to be stagnant over the last week or so.

Nerash Kumar, another resident of Al Ain, said it seemed as though the weather had stalled in recent weeks.

“We were expecting colder conditions this month but it was still hot in the daytime until recently,” he said.

The average maximum temperatures are currently ranging between 30°C and 33°C, and the average minimum temperature remains between 15°C and 18°C in coastal and internal areas.

Meteorologists said the cold spell is slightly late due to the change in seasonal weather patterns.

This month is a part of the second transitional period, the extension of Siberian surface high pressure has affected the country gradually, especially during the second half of this month.

This has now led to a fall in temperatures, becoming cooler at night over the mountains and some inland regions, according to the NCMS.


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the fun days of barbecues, beach and city walks and outdoor activitiesare here again. amidst all this, a prayer for people among our felllowresidents who suffered losses in the fires in their homes in JLTrecently. May God give them courage and strength to manage in thesetrying times.


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