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Fog expected in coastal and inland areas of UAE

Motorists advised to take extra care

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Al Ain: People driving early in the morning have been advised to take extra care as foggy conditions are expected to continue in the country, said weather forecasters.

Visibility is expected to drop in areas affected by fog late at night and in the early morning. The fog usually starts setting in at around 3am with humidity condensation due to low temperatures and slow winds, said a forecaster.

Contrasting temperatures in the day and night and moisture laden north-westerly winds have been causing fog and mist in different parts of the country, he added.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) the daytime temperature has been hovering around 30C to 35C in inland areas, but falling to 7C to 15C at night.

“The level of humidity also increases with the change in the wind that later transforms into fog with higher concentration in the coastal and adjacent inland areas,” said the forecaster.

The NCMS forecast for the next 24 hours is partly cloudy at times with a gradual fall in temperature. Winds will be moderately rough in general. Humidity will increase and there is a strong chance of fog.

The centre on Sunday recorded maximum humidity of 55 to 95 per cent in coastal areas and 85 to 99 per cent in inland areas.