Traffic fine relief in Dubai will arrive after holidays

Residents must clear their backlog at one go in order to benefit from the initiative

Traffic fine
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Drivers with hefty fines against their names stand to benefit from the initiative, provided they settle all their outstanding dues in one go.
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Dubai: Discounts on traffic fines in Dubai will be accorded approvals after Eid Al Fitr holidays, a senior official said.

Motorists will be entitled to a 30 per cent discount on traffic fines, as announced earlier by Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police.

Lieutenant Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, acting director of the Dubai Police Traffic Department, said drivers with hefty fines against their names stood to benefit from the initiative provided they settled all their outstanding dues in one go and met other conditions to be announced later.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Mazroui praised the initiative of giving discounts on traffic fines. "This is considered ‘Eidiyah' for motorists to settle their accumulated fines," he said.

Initial announcement

The announcement about the discounts was first made by Lieutenant General Dahi through his Twitter account.

Dubai Police subsequently announced that discounts on traffic fines in the emirate have been approved by the Executive Council, but the timing and percentage of reductions would be announced later.

According to a ministerial decree issued last year by Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, traffic departments in all emirates are allowed to offer a discount of up to 50 per cent on traffic fines.

The Abu Dhabi Traffic Department (including Al Ain and Gharbia) has been giving 50 per cent discounts on traffic fines since June last year.

Regarding Eid preparations in the police department, Lieutenant Colonel Al Mazroui said Dubai Police will distribute Eid greeting cards among the public instead of issuing fines for minor offences as part of their community outreach efforts.

He said police patrols have been intensified across the city, especially at places where crowds are expected, to monitor traffic movements and curb dangerous behaviour.

He called on motorists to abide by traffic rules to help uphold the joyous spirit of the festive season.


  • Leo

    29-Aug-2011 09:58

    I tried paying my fines online but no discounts are available. I suggest syncronizing both manual and electronic transactions in the future so as opportunities like becomes more efficient and will be welll received.

  • Umer Yousuf

    29-Aug-2011 09:46

    If Federal Law provides for 50 % discount on Trafiic Fines. They should also provide relief of 50 % as already being done by Abu Dhabi (specially for minor/speeding fines which did not result any harm).Secondly this discount should be coming as a combined relief by Twin cities (Dubai and Sharjah) at the same time; since mostly motorists from economical class are residing in Sharjah and have accumulated fines from there as well.RegardsRegards

  • nasir

    29-Aug-2011 09:12

    I am from Pakistan but UAE is like a second home for me. The patrol and Police is wonderful here. They give you respect and are very helpful. I always found their helping hand when in trouble.Keep it up and we always appreciate their major role in keeping UAE like a dreamland.

  • Ali

    29-Aug-2011 08:15

    Kindly let me know, is this discount availiable for sharjah residents also. When should we pay and how much? Where we can get the information from. Thank You

  • Salman Khan

    29-Aug-2011 07:05

    I think fines should be doubled because this is simply a crime. The more people with heavy amount of fines are not ordinary people they have money that's why they are abiding all laws. Government should not allow such people to escape by simply relaxing them.

  • Naqibullah Sharif

    28-Aug-2011 22:27

    A great step by Dubai Police every one shall avail this great chance and pay and let us say no to fine and evey one drive carefully to save your and others lives

  • jahangir

    28-Aug-2011 18:00

    what abut ras al khimah

  • Grahame Morris

    28-Aug-2011 16:34

    This is not a good policy - it rewards people who are abstaining from paying their dues at the appropriate times - and penalises those who have paid at the correct time.

  • Ghulam Sajjad

    28-Aug-2011 14:53

    Good for Dubai guys, question is if this discount is applicable in other emirates also or in Dubai only and also what about the fines that were imposed for violation in different emirate than Dubai?

  • Mohammed Umer Farooq

    28-Aug-2011 14:22

    Thanks to Dubai Police and Abu Dhabi Traffic department for offering discounts however I would like to clarify that how do we benefit from this I mean the procedure through which we can get this discount. Can someone tell me about steps required to avail these discounts. THANKS

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I tried paying my fines online but no discounts are available. I suggest syncronizing both manual and electronic transactions in the future so as opportunities like becomes more efficient and will be welll received.


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