RAK offers conditional 40% cut in traffic fines

Decision to grant discounts is intended to mark UAE National Day, says top official

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The discount applies to all traffic fines in 2011.
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Ras Al Khaimah: Motorists who have incurred traffic fines in 2011 will be given a 40 per cent discount provided they settle their dues before the end of April 2012, Major General Shaikh Taleb Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the Director-General of Ras Al Khaimah Police traffic department, announced on Tuesday.

Major General Shaikh Taleb said the decision to grant discounts was intended to mark the UAE National Day. The offer will take effect from January to April 2012, he said.

Colonel Abdullah Ali Hassan Minkhis, director of the Traffic Department at RAK police, urged all motorists to take advantage of this grace period and renew the registrations of their vehicles.

The discount applies to all traffic fines in 2011, Minkhis added.

Dubai Police earlier announced a 30 per cent discount on traffic fines for three months for violations committed before September 10 this year.

Umm Al Quwain police announced a traffic fine reduction of 50 per cent for 35 days for violations committed before November 27 this year.


  • Juergen

    30-Nov-2011 17:11

    unfair against the people who pay the fine fully

  • Nizam

    30-Nov-2011 14:41

    Please do not reduce the fine. It will give more freedom to rash drivers and they will continue to do the same on the roads as i see always when i am on road. Every year rash drivers wait for this kind of offer and complete the fine and continue to do rash driving on the roads risking other's lives. Please ..... my suggestion is to give discounts as free transport for whole day or something else, but not discount on fine.

  • Lea

    30-Nov-2011 13:39

    Hi, I went the other day to Tasjeel office in Sharjah to pay my Umm Al Quwain fine, but they said they are not aware of this discount. Today I went to Jebel Ali Tasjeel office to again settle my fines, but same answer I get. Till now still I didn't pay my traffic fine due to confusion. How true this issue? and if so, where and how to pay these fine. Earlier Dubai RTA announced the discount and immediately they automatically deducted on line...Pls clarify about Umm Al Quwain. Many thanks..

  • Pam

    30-Nov-2011 12:27

    I disagree with any reductions of fines for traffic violations. What lesson are drivers with fines supposed to learn now that the fines have been reduced? The fines should instead be increased if not paid on time and those who refuse to pay should be taken to court. Consequences of such actions should be felt in order to reduce reckless behaviour on the roads.

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unfair against the people who pay the fine fully


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