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New rules issued on installing children's car seats

Weight to be key factor behind seating norms approved by Ministry of Interior

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A specifically designed child car seat should be used, and one that is appropriate to your child’s size, weight and age.
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Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Interior's High Committee for Child Protection passed new laws for installing children's car seats.

"The safety and protection of children drove us to introduce new seating requirements," said Nasser Al Nuaimi, Secretary General for the office of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, who heads the High Committee.

Children, who are nursing or less than one year old, must be seated in a child car seat to prevent their slipping off their car seats. For children six-nine months old, or those weighing under 10kg, seats must face the rear of the car.

Seats can face forward for children from nine months to four years of age and weighing 9kg-18kg. Seat boosters can be used for children four years to six years of age and weigh 15kg-25kg. Support cushions can be used for children six years-11 years and weigh 22kg-36kg.

Al Nuaimi called for the implementation of laws passed by Britain for mandating child car seat/seatbelts on vehicles taking children's age and weight into consideration. "As children vary in height and weight, seat belts must be used for all children under 135cm or weigh less than 36kg. "

The official also added that parents should consider changing their car seats to new ones complying with safety practices of laws R44.3 or R44.04, implemented in 2005 and 2006 respectively.



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These seats should be compulsary in cars travelling on roads at speeds higher than 80 km/hr. Drivers with small children as passengers should take full caution. Nevertheless, could someone please give us the statistics of the importance of these children car seats on the total number of vehicular accidents with injuries or casualties?


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