Metro pedestrian crossings closure irks commuters

Pedestrians stranded as they have been barred from crossing busy roads using the Metro crossings after stations close at night.

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Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan, Gulf News
The RTA has barred the public from using pedestrian crossings at Metro stations when the trains stop running due to 'operational reasons'.
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Dubai: Pedestrians are furious as they have been barred from crossing busy roads using the Metro pedestrian crossings after the stations close at night.

"I was barred from crossing the road, using the pedestrian bridge attached to the Financial Centre Metro Station on Shaikh Zayed Road. [The] guard on the gates told me that station [was] closed," said Narmeen Shamaa, who works at a hotel. She said that she had to take a taxi to go on the other side of the road.

Narmeen said the security guard at the station said that they had orders to close down the station and to bar the public's access to pedestrian bridges.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) had announced before the launch of the Metro that pedestrian bridges at the stations would remain open for the public round the clock, even when the Metro operation closes at night. However, the decision to keep the stations closed did not filter down to the public.

"Currently, due to some operational reasons, we are not allowing people to enter the stations to use the pedestrian bridges at night when the trains stop running," Peyman Younes Parham, RTA director of marketing and corporate communications, said.

Do you work or live near the Shaikh Zayed Road? Has the bridges' closure affected your daily routine? What, according to you, is the best solution for the issue?


  • Sheraz Khan

    31-Oct-2009 15:29

    I had to take a taxi to cross the road last night because the bridge was closed.

  • Rajesh

    31-Oct-2009 15:28

    I am living in Jafiliya and used to go to Zabeel Park in early morning through the new Metro bridge. I think authorities should be more people friendly

  • JP

    31-Oct-2009 15:01

    Why do we have a part-time system? If RTA wants it to be a success, why not open the pedestrian crossings 24-hours a day and run the trains consistently throughout the week? We had a group that went to the cancer walk on Friday morning at Bur Juman, how great would it have been to take the metro to that congested part of the city?

  • Ziad

    31-Oct-2009 14:49

    Pedestrian safety should be top priority which is sadly not the case in many countries. Pedestrians should not be treated as second class citizens.

  • Tarek Raghib

    31-Oct-2009 13:09

    That is very concerning as the bridges might provide safe passage for all pedestrians at night to cross such a busy road. This is a basic service that must be available to the public and review of such a decision should be considered by the authorities.

  • Peter

    31-Oct-2009 13:08

    To be honest I think it is wrong that pedestrians are not allowed to use the Metro crossing after the Metro stations are closed. What is more important - the crossing or human life? The Metro will reduce the amount of traffic on the roads as well as save lives! Think about people needing to cross the highway.

  • Mohammad

    31-Oct-2009 09:14

    This is not fair. They can protect stations by not allowing people to the platform floor. If they didn't allow then ignorant public will try to cross the road and jump over the fence and this will lead to other problems. In the night very few people will cross the roads - that too with a valid purpose such as catching their work or returning from their work. RTA should reconsider this.

  • Anwar

    31-Oct-2009 09:08

    RTA should be very considerate and sensitive to the commuters' needs. Pedestrian lanes were built for public use and if they will barred it for some reasons then why they built it?

  • Mike

    31-Oct-2009 02:18

    It is not right to restrict pedestrians to use the bridge simply because the Metro stops working, the safety of the people should not be compromised for reasons that make really no sense.

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I had to take a taxi to cross the road last night because the bridge was closed.

Sheraz Khan

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