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Injuries and fatalities fall as safety drive accelerates in UAE

Monitoring of roads across the UAE and reducing speed limit contribute to success

Vehicles involved in crashes lying at the Sahma Police Station yard
Image Credit: Gulf News Archives
Vehicles involved in crashes lying at the Sahma Police Station yard. Strict monitoring of roads by police using a network of cameras and radars, in addition to deploying undercover police vehicles, helps authorities control accident rate.
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Abu Dhabi: The various awareness campaigns launched by the police across the UAE to reduce traffic accidents and related injuries have contributed to achieving significant steps in the right direction.

Programmes aimed at implementing safe driving such as leaving sufficient space between vehicles on the road, wearing seat belts, pulling over safely, driving within speed limits, avoiding use of cellphones when driving, securing children in car seats, have combined to reduce accidents, fatalities and injuries in the UAE.

An official from the Ministry of Interior told Gulf News that the restructuring of speed limits across the country has significantly contributed to reducing the number of accidents and fatalities.

He said that the police are setting up strict and continuous monitoring of roads by using a network of cameras and radars in addition to deploying undercover police vehicles.

Fatalities from traffic accidents declined last year by 12.8 per cent compared to 2010, statistics from the General Directorate of Traffic Coordination at the Ministry of Interior, have revealed.

The fatality numbers went down from 826 in 2010 to 720 in 2011. According to police statistics, the mortality rate went down from 10 to 8.49 per 100,000 habitants.

Death due to traffic accidents among Emiratis decreased by 28.8 per cent and injuries also reduced by 15 per cent. Injuries caused by traffic accidents declined from 9,187 in 2010 to 7,808 in 2011. In general, the rate of traffic accidents has dropped from 7,642 accidents in 2010 to 6,700 accidents in 2011 marking a drop of 12.3 per cent.

Statistics indicated that the major contributor to death was poor judgement by motorists, leading to 83 deaths. Jumping lanes caused 43 deaths and entering of intersections in unsafe manner caused 41 deaths.

Statistics also revealed that 34 people were killed in speed related accidents, while 31 people died due to a burst tyre and 29 due to not leaving sufficient space between vehicles. Reckless driving caused 17 deaths and 12 people died after jumping the red light.